Sunday, 19 August 2012

Showcase Sunday #7

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Vicky at Books, Biscuits and Tea. The aim is to showcase our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders this week.

Only two books in my showcase this time, which is great in a way as it will give me the perfect opportunity to catch up with my review copies.

Fever Moon Karen Marie Moning
Cursed Jennifer L. Armentrout

Moning’s Fever series has become an instant favourite urban fantasy series of mine early last year.  I was ecstatic when Moning announced three further spin off novels from Dani, Ryodan and Christian (only two months to go until Iced *fist pump*) and two more books in the Fever series. But also a graphic novel, I’m not typically a huge graphic novel fan, but as long as Barrons makes an appearance then that would totally make me day!

A big thank you to Donna from Book Passion for Life for lending me Cursed, I was really excited for this book as it reminded me of Rogue from X-men and the guy from Pushing Daisies (I used to love this programme), but unfortunately I didn’t end up finishing this book. 

Over to Rachel to see which goodies she received.

For Review

The Hallowed Ones Laura Bickle
The Lovesick Cure Pamela Morse
The Archived Victoria Schwab
The Lost Prince Julie Kagawa
Demons of the Sun Cindi Madsen
The Wedding Cake Girl Anne Pfeffer

Thank you to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Harlequin MIRA, Harlequin Teen, Disney Hyperion, Cindi Madsen, Anne Pfeffer and Netgalley for all these wonderful reads.  

I’m really excited for The Hallowed Ones, an Amish dystopian sounds really exciting. The Wedding Cake Girl and The Lovesick Cure sound like perfect vanilla reads, so I hope they live up to my expectations.


Sanctum Sarah Fine
Losing Lila Sarah Alderson
Fated Sarah Alderson

Once again my friend and book-angel, Alexa over at Collections keeps me supplied with the hottest ARCs!  I am currently reading Sanctum and loving it so far. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, my lovely co-blogger, Jasprit sent me two reads from one of my favorite authors, Sarah Alderson!  I can’t wait to dive into Losing Lila so I can spend some quality time with Alex!!  Fated is about demon slayers which completely reminded me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sign me up!! Thank you ladies!


The Wild Ones M. Leighton
Alpha and Omega: A Companion novel to Cry Wolf Patricia Biggs
Fearless Brigid Kemmerer

The cover of The Wild Ones I think speaks for itself!! *fans self* My friend Dija reviewed Cry Wolf and pulled an amazing quote from the Alpha and Omega Novella and I just knew I had to read it. It’s only 61 pages so hopefully I’ll be hooked and read one of my first Urban Fantasy novels. I think Maja will be so pleased!  When I heard there was going to be a novella to The Elemental Series centering on Hunter, I just couldn’t help myself! Those Merrick boys are definitely a weakness! 

Were super excited about diving into these reads, we'd love to know what goodies you received too, so leave us a link and we'll stop by and check it out! 


  1. Great haul, you two! Jasprit, it's a shame you couldn't finish Cursed. I thought it was decent but not outstanding, so I can understand why it didn't work for you (If I remember correctly, you has issues with Armentrout's Obsidian?) I hope you enjoy Fever Moon! :)

    Rachel, wow, you received so many great titles! I'm reading The Hallowed Ones soon. It sounds fantastic and has been getting some good feedback already. Do you want to do a read-along for Demons of the Sun. Let me know when you plan to read it and I'll join you. I know I'll never get around to it otherwise. ;)

  2. LOL at the Wild Ones cover comment. If his pants were any lower, well, yeah. Also, two words I never thought I'd hear back to back--AMISH DYSTOPIAN. I'm really digging the cover of The Archived. And I am excited to hear what you guys think about Fever Moon and if it will be as fun as the regular series. These posts are overwhelming for me:)

  3. Wonderful haul this week, you two! Jasprit, I NEED to read Fever Moon and can't find it anywhere near me, so I hope it's good even though it's a graphic novel. Gosh, as long as it has Barrons, I'm totally on board! Plus, as you said, ONLY TWO MORE MONTHS! :D

    Rachel, you always receive so many amazing titles! I'm excited to see what you think of The Archived and especially of Sanctum! I really want to get my hands on that book! I'm also sure you'll love Losing Lila as it was brilliant and I'm curious about that novella centering around Hunter! I saw it online but haven't convinced myself to pick it up yet, so I'm excited to see what you think!

    Happy Reading to both of you! :D

  4. Demons of the Sun looks fantastic! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on that one!! Great book ladies!! We have the Hallowed ones too so we will have to compare notes =D

  5. Wow, awesome haul ladies! I hope you enjoy Fever Moon, Jasprit! More Barrons- yum. :D I've yet to finish the Darkfever series (which I will, soon) but after that, I'll definitely check out that graphic novel!

    Rachel, I hope you enjoy The Archived and The Hallowed Ones! They both sound fascinating, and the cover for The Archived- *dies* SO lovely.

    Happy reading and thank you for sharing! :)

  6. Great haul you too! J, I know I feel so happy these days when I only get a few books because then I can catch up, so lucky you! And you got some awesome books. Evermoon and Cursed seem AWESOME. OMGGGG Don't even get me started on X-Men I love it so much! Especially Rogue and Wolverine! You're right, Cursed does kinda remind me of Rogue! YAY!

    Rachel, I hope you love Fated! Sarah Alderson rocks my face off. She's just brill! Wow The Wild Ones seems very HAWT! *fans self alongside Rachel* Hope you guys enjoy all of your great books!! <333

  7. I SO need to read THE WILD ONES very soon! I recently fell in love with New Adult, I think it'll be right up my alley. CURSED! That one looks freaking awesome. Great haul this week, happy reading!

    My Weekly Book Haul:

  8. The Lost Prince is a great read, I hoe you enjoy it! And you got Losing Lila!! As much as I loved Hunting Lila [and I LOVED it], I still haven't got round to buying Losing Lila, and I have NO IDEA why... I hope you enjoy all these amazing books, Rachel!

    Jasprit, Cursed looks so great. And I like it when I don't get tins of books, sometimes, as it does provide an opportuni to catch up on your TBR list and not get buried under it! Enjoy both of these great books. (:

  9. Awesome haul this week! You always get such lovely books to read. I have already added a few of these to my TBR list.
    Happy Reading,
    My Sunday Edition @ Paulette’s Papers

  10. The Hallowed Ones really does sound good, and I'm looking forward to The Lost Prince too. Enjoy :-)
    Katja @ YA's the Word

  11. I also got the Archivied to review. I hope we like it XD. Nice books you got there, I wish I would get them too :)

    check the books i've got too ^^

  12. Awesome haul, you lucky thing! :) I have Hunting Lila in my TBR pile, but I'm pretty sure I'll be needing Losing Lila afterwards! Fated looks amazing, and so does The Lost Prince series. Happy reading! =)
    My SS:

  13. Oi!Jasprit has Fever Moon and Rachel has Fearless? That's a good week for m vanilla queens. Jasprit, you better hide that FM before Lisa sees it and kills you for it. She's violent and unreasonable when it comes to Barrons. :D

    The Archived cover is nice, but too dystopian-looking. I am a bit worried.
    Have fun with all your books, ladies!

  14. You have so many great reads here! I'm really curious about The Hallowed Ones, it sounds really interesting. Happy reading!

    Here's my Sunday Post

  15. What an awesome haul. Jealous over The Archived, Cursed & Fearless. Not gonna lie, lol.

    Happy reading ;)

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads

  16. I'm not a big graphic novels fan either but I had a lot of fun with Fever Moon.
    I have yet to read anything by Sarah Alderson but I keep hearing so many wonderful things about her... think I need to get around to that. :)
    Happy Reading!

  17. These looks like some great titles. Jasprit, you are right, the quiet weeks are the best since I have loads to catch up on too. Sometimes you just can't resist!

    Rachel, The Hallowed Ones looks interesting and you have Losing Lila. I've seen that dotted around, maybe not my kind of book, but I'll look forward to your thoughts!

    Hope you guys enjoy your haul! :)

  18. I have been wanting to read Cursed for a long time now! Love the cover for it!

    My SS:

  19. Sorry you didn't finish Cursed. I've heard various opinions. Nice premise though.

    i really want to read The Archived, and I'm LOVING that cover.

    Great week,


  20. Aww, sorry to hear you end up not finishing Cursed, Jasprit. I've seen mixed reviews about it and I have a feeling it wasn't really exactly as great as JL's first two series.

    Rachel, I can't wait to hear what you think of Fated! Hope you enjoy Losing Lila, I'm still reading it and so far I'm really loving it...and Alex. LOL! The Wild Ones sounds like a steamy read.

    Hope you enjoy all these books, girls! Happy reading. :)

  21. Jas, I'm eager to read a JLA book but it's a shame you didn't finish Cursed :( Maybe I won't start with that one.

    The Hallowed Ones is an AMISH DYSTOPIAN?! Wow! A very interesting twist, must check it out soon! So jealous you got The Lost Prince, Rachel! I am yet to read a Julie Kagawa book (I know, I know, how awful of me!) And ohmigosh you've just reminded me that I need to read Storm by Brigid Kemmerer!

    I'm sooooo behind but I'm glad you both got awesome books this week <3

  22. Nice haul, ladies! Jas - I haven't read anything by Karen, though I would like to eventually and Rach - I have the Lost Prince too, it sounds good!

  23. Ohhhhh, The Archived <3 And The Hallowed Ones looks so.. different - in a good way ^^ I also have The lost prince and I can't wait to get started.

    Happy reading! ^^

  24. So many great books!! The Archived looks really good!
    Best of luck with Review Copy Cleanup! :)

  25. I want more FEVER! I really loved that series, mainly for Barron's but I'm not 100% sure I want to read Iced. I just want to go back to Mac and Barrons. Lol. Great week girls!

  26. Wow, what an awesome haul of books you got this week, Jasprit! All things I want to read. :) I am very excited for the next Brigid Kemmerer book in particular.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  27. Wow, they look great books this week, Thanks. I have just started Showcase Sunday, heres mine if you want check it out! :)

    Hope you enjoy! :)

  28. I love it when I have a small haul too Jaspirit. Makes me feel like I have some chance of catching up lol. Sorry you couldn't finish Cursed. I have it for review. I haven't read any of JLA's books but when I seen this I jumped at the chance because her books always get such great reviews. But not many people seem to be enjoying this one.

    An awesome haul Rachel. I am so jealous of Archived, can't wait to see what you think of it. I just finished Fated and I love it! Looking forward to your reviews on these.


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