Sunday, 16 February 2014

Showcase Sunday #46

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Vicky at Books, Biscuits and Tea. The aim is to showcase our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders this week. 

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous week full of many amazing reads! I've been on a bit of an emotional book binge lately, and seriously these books have been great reads for me, (as my last couple of months have been full with wishy washy reads). So I'm hoping that my good run will continue with some of the amazing books I received over the last two weeks. 

Thank you Faber & Faber.

Ignite Me was one of my highly anticipated reads of the year and despite there being a few irks along the way, I did enjoy this series finale very much. I get so excited when I find out that more UK publishers are bringing some amazing books over to the UK for us. I've had my eye on Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea for the longest time, so can't wait to read this book. The Work's had a 50% sale on all their books recently and even though I had so many books already I couldn't resist buying copies of The Lover's Dictionary for 23p and If I Should Die for 99p!

Over to Rachel and her pretties! 

Thank you to Dutton, Penguin, and Edelweiss.

Feed is a poll winner from a previous Monthy Recap and so when it came up on sale on Audible for $4.95 I snatched it up. That’s a great deal because that is one long audio book: over 15 hours!

I’m soooo excited about the Archetype series after Lauren from Love is Not a Triangle brought it to my attention. It sounds beyond amazing! I loved Gameboard of the Gods, Richelle Mead’s first book in her adult series, Age of X, so I was thrilled to see The Immortal Crown up on Edelweiss. I think I’ll have to refresh my memory a little before I start it, though.

We'd love to see which books made it to your book hauls this week, so feel free to leave us links in the comments and we will pop by to check them out. 


  1. Jasprit, you got such awesome books this week! I bought a copy of Ignite Me this week as well. I'm still dying to read Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea!
    Rachel, I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of Feed because it looks like a really intense zombie book. :)
    Happy reading, ladies! <3

  2. wonderful books this week! I love Ignite Me's cover.

  3. That's hilarious; I just finished reading The Lover's Dictionary. I hope you like it too!

    And I really want to read Feed!!


  4. Jasprit, I've been curious about Amy Plum for awhile now, especially with her new book releasing later this year, so I can't wait to see what you think of her books. I really hope you enjoy Ignite Me, which I know has been a hit-or-miss for readers, and Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea which didn't work for me but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you love it! :)

    Rachel, those Jaci Burton covers are really something, aren't they? ;) I've been curious about Archetype because of Lauren too, so I'm hoping to pick that one up soon myself since it seems so promising. I also really enjoyed Feed. It can be tedious at times, but the pay-off is worth it. Of course, I haven't picked up the rest of the series - I lack the patience at the moment to deal with more of Grant's detailed descriptions - but I've heard that the entire trilogy is fantastic so I'm looking forward to getting back to it eventually.

    Wonderful haul, ladies! :)

  5. I just finished reading Ignite Me and was blown away :D Read that first LOL.

    Enjoy the books.


  6. I love the US covers for Mafi's series way more than the AUS ones. It's so pretteh! I hope you enjoy your books.

    Awesome haul! <33

  7. Ooh the cover for Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea looks different - is that the paperback? It's gorgeous. I definitely want to read If I Should Die and Ignite Me. Hope you enjoy them!

    My STS is here:

  8. As I already told you on Instagram, The Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tulchoke--I prefer this cover lol. Also, yes, I really need to continue Amy Plum's series. I hope you enjoy it :)

    Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Immortal Crown? YES! I approve :) I cannot wait to get my hands on this pretty. I loved the first book as well, though yes, memory refreshing is a must to lol.

    Happy reading, girls! :)

  9. I was sourly disappointed with Ignite Me. :( I like the cover for Lover's Dictionary, it's simple yet cute. I have been curious about it - I look forward to seeing what you think!

  10. The Lover's Dictionary is fantastic. I got my copy dirt cheap in The Works too, best 50p I've ever spent!

  11. I got Archetype and Prototype at ALA. Can't wait to read them, have heard great things. I didn't realize the new Meade book was up for ARC yet! Will have to check that out! Nice haul! My STS:

  12. Awesome haul. I have Between the Devil and cant wait to read it!!! I got Ignite Me too and like you its my most anticipated book this year! Enjoy!!

  13. I LOVE The Works. The prices there are hard to resist! I'm really curious about Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and am excited to hear it's publishing in the UK. I can't wait to see what you think of it, Jasprit! And Rachel, I've heard a lot about the Archetype series too, and I look forward to getting your thought on it! Enjoy. :)

  14. Nice books! I saw a good review for The Lover's Dictionary the other day, Jasprit. I hope you like it too. I'm curious about Hope Ignites, Rachel. I almost took it for review, but am trying to restrain!
    I hold you both enjoy your books, ladies!

  15. I really enjoyed Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and hope you will too! I can't believe you snatched up The Lover's Dictionary for 23p what a steal! I've been loving my emotional reads so far this year too Jasprit and there are so many good ones around at the minute! Archetype sounds really interesting Rachel! I look forward to seeing what you think of this series. Hope you both enjoy all of your lovely new books! :)

  16. Between the devil and the deep blue sea sounds SO good :) and I really want to read Feed. Enjoy!

  17. The Shatter Me series didn't start out well for me either. I really disliked it. But glad I continued on anyhow. Because Ignite Me was pretty great!
    I also just read the Lover's Dictionary. Super quick. But good.
    I've been interested to start The Age of X series. I got the first book out from the library ages ago but didn't get to it. I don't know if it can come close to VA.
    I hope you guys enjoy all your reads!
    Great haul!

  18. Ohh, lots of pretty books :D I think I have an ARC copy of Between the Devil.. <3 Hope you will enjoy everything. Happy reading :)

  19. I had no idea that pb copy of Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is out. I need to get myself one. I truly hope that you'll enjoy Ignite Me as I really did. I need to start with Mira Grant books as well. Great haul, ladies :)

  20. I keep seeing If I Should Die in The Works, but I haven't read the rest of the series. Maybe I should! I keep checking our nearest The Works for The Lover's Dictionary but they never have it :(

    I absolutely loved Feed, even though I' didn't expect to. It ended up being one of my top reads last year.

    Hope you both enjoy your books :)

  21. Jasprit, you got some awesome books! I've been hearing such good things about The Shatter Me Trilogy and I'm considering it much more now it's complete, and I've also read The Lover's Dictionary and found it quite nice :)
    The Works is pretty awesome! :D

    I haven't read any of the series or books you've bought Rachel, however, I really hope you enjoy them; I've heard Feed is very good :)

  22. I am super excited for Ignite Me, hope we both love it.

  23. I absolutely loved Archetype and I hope you enjoy it as well, it was quiet the treat!

  24. I really liked reading Archetype and Prototype together. I hope you enjoy them too, Rachel!

  25. Oh I LOVED The Lover's Dictionary. And so cheap! Oooh you haven't read Feed yet?? Excellent trilogy, hope you love it. :)


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