Wednesday, 7 October 2015

What I've Been Up to.

Hi everyone, I'm finally here with my first post for you in what feels like ages (I last posted on August 13th!!!). I was meant to have a few posts up before I went on holiday, but then work got in the way and then I was meant to post when I got back, and get back to reading, but I ended up taking a break instead. So what have I been doing in all that time? Well I finally went away on my highly anticipated trip to Canada, I've been twice previously and utterly loved it. I always seem to have the holiday blues when I get back and now I've been back for two weeks, I still sort of feel down. England just comes across really boring lately :(

Anyway whilst away I managed to go on one of the biggest rollercoasters (the drop is at 306ft!!) the Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland. I was fine when queuing up, but when I noticed the sort of seats they have (in England, they have a sort of support that comes over your shoulders, but here you have a tiny belt and this tiny thing to hold on. Of course I was super nervous, on top of that I ended up getting the edge seat on the ride, so I could see everything on my side, I seriously thought I was going to topple over when going up, but the initial dread of going up was made up with the rest of the ride. It was truly exhilarating!

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The weather was of course gorgeous, we got to spend a bit of time at Crystal Beach, near Niagara Falls, and of course we hit the malls. I of course found myself a bookstore, Chapters Indigo is always one of my favourite bookstores to go to when I visit Canada, the one at Eaton Centre was two stories of heaven! I of course told my sister to do her own shopping and meet me back in half an hour. She of course came back and found me with a mile high stack of books, and after a stern talking to about luggage allowance, I ended up leaving with three books and a mug!

I'm lucky to have so much family in Canada, that I love meeting with and just hanging out, this time we were lucky enough to spend some time on my uncle's boat, it was such a beautiful day too, That we were able to stop the boat and just have some pizza and beer and appreciate the gorgeous views.

Music I've been listening to.

Before I went to Canada I was living off House Every Weekend, so I was glad to get my cousins into it over there too.

And whilst in Canada I also became obsessed with The Weekend Can't Feel My Face and R City Locked Away ft. Adam Levine :)



What I've Been Watching.

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I'm glad that Scandal is finally back, this show is one that keeps getting better and better. Honestly and the way Shonda Rimes keeps up hanging at the end of each episode!

I started Suits, Arrow and Once Upon A Time, but work overtook and I didn't end up getting back to it, but I really want to make time for these soon. I've also been hearing great things about How to Get Away with Murder, so need to squeeze that in somewhere too :/ 


I've been trying to read, honestly I have, but I think it really just depends on my mood, I read three books last month and I'm 43 books behind on my reading goal :(

I'm currently reading Queen of Shadows and here a few books I'm planning to read next.  



So that was my crazy, busy month of September, I'm planning to get back to regular posting this month and will be back around to check out all your blogs. I've missed you all!


  1. Jasprit! So glad you enjoyed your Canadian vacation! And whoa, a 306 foot drop!? I would probably pee my pants and puke in anticipation. xD And I ADORE Locked Away. It's just such a beautiful song. And Can't Feel My Face is extremely catchy. xD You should definitely read The Lies About Truth (it was so calm and gorgeous) and Scarlet (b/c Wolf/Scarlet asdfghjkl) ASAP. :D

  2. Welcome back, Jasprit! You would never get me on that (or any other!) rollercoaster! Heights are not really my thing!

    I definitely recommend How To Get Away With Murder. It was hit and miss for me at times during the first season. But season 2 has been amazing so far. Catch up! :)

  3. Welcome back, Jasprit! Wow, The Weekend really does sound amazing... And look at all these lovely books strewn about my screen :) You HAVE been treating yourself, eh? :)

  4. Welcome back Jas! It's been so long but glad you had a wonderful holiday. Shame you couldn't have another suitcase for all those books. Lol. I need to catch up on ToG! Thinking of rereading them I think.

  5. You're back!!! Oh how I missed you!! I miss Rachel too. Lol. I'm so happy you had such a great time in my country. Seriously, the next time you're planning on visiting, let me know. I'll come meet you wherever you'll be. :) Can't wait to read your thoughts on all the books you've read!

  6. I am glad you are back, I was thinking about your blog just yesterday. I hear ya, I have gone through lots of periods of blog burn out this year. I am struggling to keep up with my reading goal, but luckily right now I am only two books behind instead of five. I hope you get back on track.

  7. WELCOME BACK, JASPRIT! You were so, so missed! I'm glad that you had so much fun in Canada, though - it's one of the countries that I plan to visit (time and finances permit, of course ;D). That lake looks absolutely gorgeous, too! :O I'm sorry that you had a slump because of it :( 43 books behind your reading goal?! Daaamn. Don't worry, though, take your time! Don't force it :D Your drive wiill come back; for the meantime, do the things that make you happy instead >:D<

    Faye at The Social Potato

    1. Thanks Faye, I'm hoping to get back to reading once again, and yes until then I think I'll try and catch up with my shows :)

  8. Aw, I'm sorry you are feeling a bit down :\ Hugs. <3 But yay for awesome Canada trip :D FOOOOD! It looks delicious :D I'm jealous, lol. Hope you will feel like reading more this month :) YAY for Illuminae. <3 SO GOOD. Glad that you are back to blogging Jasprit :) Missed you. <3

  9. Sounds like you had an amazing trip Jasprit! I've only ever been to Vancouver and it was absolutely stunning, so I'd love to go see other parts of Canada:) I'm not sure I'd be able to get on that roller coaster though...:)

    Can't wait to see what you think of Queen of Shadows, I still need to read it but I fear it's going to rip my heart out like all the books before it!

  10. It sounds like you had an amazing trip and have been up to lots of fun things! Looking forward to seeing your posts again Jas!

  11. Your trip must have been amazing. I really want to visit Canada, too.
    I also get the holiday blues whenever I come back from holiday... Stay strong! :)

  12. Jasprit, watch How to Get Away with Murder! I am obsessed! It's so, so good and I clearly need to start watching Scandal now too! Anyway, I'm really glad you got to go to Canada--it seems to have been a much-needed trip and looks lovely! I'm excited to see that you're back and I'm looking forward to your posts, dear, especially more life updates! :) <3

  13. I’m so glad you are back, Jasprit! I hope to hear from you again soon. It looks like you had a great time on your holidays, and, wow, this rollercoaster is huge! You’ve mentioned that you wanted to listen to an audiobook, I highly recommend the audio version of The Distance Between Us. It’s narrated by Jorjeana Marie and her performance is amazing.

    1. Thank you Ksenia, it's taking a while to adapt back to being here :( and thank you for the recommendation! I shall have a look out for her narrations on audible!

  14. I AM FINALLY HERE. Jumping back on the boat to say WELCOME BACK, my love. So good to see your face in these parts. It's quite a nice face (even with those German shoulders)

    I totally feel you about luggage allowance. WHY CANNOT AIRLINES just understand our need to buy ALL THE BOOKS. Gosh fucking dangit.

    I am so jealous you got to go on the Levithan. That is literally my dream. I ADORE roller coasters and I am sure I am going to have a helluva heart-attack when I finally get to ride the Levithan!

    Anyway, I hope you'll take it easy and remember that time to yourself is important. I AM JUST GLAD YOU ARE BACK <3

  15. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! I don't blame you at all for taking a break - I think there are quite a few of us now who need(ed) one!
    That food omg, it looks delicious! But you couldn't pay me to ride that roller coaster. I'm scared just looking at that picture!
    I absolutely adored Illuminae, The Distance Between Us, and Scarlet!


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