Friday, 2 December 2016

Monthly Recap: November

Hi everyone, I'm so glad its finally December, we have our Christmas tree up and I only have a few more Christmas presents to shop for and I just have two weeks of work left and then the Christmas break to look forward to. I've really been feeling the workload lately, I've actually eased back from the gym too and taken a fitbit break. But with Christmas around the corner, I can imagine things getting busy again. Christmas is probably one of the holidays where our family goes all out, we probably do more baking than we do at Vaisakhi or Diwali, so if you don't hear from me around Christmas it'll most likely be because I'm in a food coma!

What I've been up to.


November was my birthday month, so of course it involved lots of eating with family and friends, I got some great gifts from Allie and Rashika, <3 these ladies and giftcards so I can buy more books!

(You can see more of my photos on my Instagram profile here)

Allie and I went on another food binge, I was all prepared for all the food, well I thought I was prepared, I did quite well at the first few places, but then when we hit the Mae Deli I was a goner! I also had the best hot chocolate at Sourced Market, it was a Dark Rich flavour by Hans Sloane, I'm not typically a dark chocolate fan, but this one was my absolute favourite! And London was of course looking super pretty with the Christmas decorations out in full force! 

I also got to meet up with the lovely Keertana, we both started blogging around the same time, and it feels like we've been great friends ever since, so I was so excited about meeting her in real life. We went and ate at a Michelin star restaurant, visited a few bookstores and ended the day at Laduree with Chocolate Chaud (hot chocolate) and dessert. 




Number of books read: 20! I haven't read this many books since January and now I'm only 9 books from meeting my goal.

Best read of last month: 

(Click on Book for Goodreads link). 

I read four 5 star reads last month, and I honestly can't choose between them and they all affected me differently on an emotional level. The Opportunist and Thief just crushed my poor little heart, but the romance was done so well! November 9 I actually ended up reading on November 9 (what are the chances), my train was delayed on my way back from meeting Allie, so I got through quite a chunk of it, and normally books by Hoover don't work for me, but I ended up loving the heck out of this one. And Kulti, my gosh this had such wickedly slow burn romance and the main love interest definitely made it to my top ten fictional crushes of all time. 

Fictional crush of the month: Don't make me choose! This has to be such a close call between Caleb from Tarryn Fisher's Love Me with Lies series and Reiner Kulti from Kulti (I'm a complete sucker for a German, hence I'm holding Kulti in such high regards!). But Caleb seriously despite some of the messed up things that he did and had to go through, his love for Olivia was one of the best ones. I need a Caleb in my life! 

 Books I'm looking forward to reading next month. 
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I got the first three books in the Beautiful Bastard series for a really good deal this week, the reviews have been a mixed for the first book, but I'm hoping that I'll enjoy it. I also received my first book for Christmas The Hating Game! I wanted to buy this book ages ago, but held back for as long as possible, but I can't wait to get stuck in. 

How was your November?


  1. Oh, how wonderful! Wonderful gifts from friends and a meet up with Keertana. <3 Your month has been infinitely better than mine. Sigh. But I'm looking forward to getting through December unscathed. I figure, the faster we get through the next four years, the better. Lol. Anyway, I hope you'll have an awesome December, Jas and I'm looking forward to your thoughts on The Hating Game. Love this book to pieces!

  2. Aw, I wish I could visit London around Christmas. I'm sure it's beautiful! That's so awesome you got to meet Keertana. I do love her as well; I'm sure you two had a blast. :)

    I really want to read The Hating Game so hopefully you like it too! I hear great things.


  3. Happy belated birthday, Jasprit! So awesome that you got to meet Keertana. =) 20 books, that is a lot! Nicely done! I am dying to read The Hating Game but I know I won't get to it anytime soon if I buy it now. I'll wait until the holidays, perhaps. :D

    Have a wonderful December!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  4. Your food adventure looks delightful. You have me wanting to try The Opportunist now. I really enjoyed Mud Vein! And ooooh The Hating Game is THE BEST. Sure hope you love it. :)

  5. How fun you got to meet Keertana in person. I can't wait to see what think of the Hating Game one of my favs of the year!

  6. Jasprit, happy belated birthday! Yay for giftcards for more books! You and Keertana look so lovely, it’s wonderful you met her in real life.

    I’m looking forward to read the hating game too.

  7. Jasprit, you made my November so THANK YOU dear. I am so excited to see what you make of The Hating Game and The Beautiful Bastard series which I have been quite on the fence about, frankly. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and your packages look lovely! (I hope your sister was excited about the books you got, too!) I've also now got a craving hot chocolate and I hope your December is just as wonderful as your November! :)

  8. I'm glad you both had amazing November's :D I wish I had done so many exciting things too, lol :) Love reading about what you guys have done. <3 Hugs. I hope January is going the best for both of you :)


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