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Review: Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, #2)

  Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi
  Publisher: HarperCollins
  Publication date: January 8th 2013
  Source: Edelweiss
  Rating:  5 Stars


It's been months since Aria last saw Perry. Months since Perry was named Blood Lord of the Tides, and Aria was charged with an impossible mission. Now, finally, they are about to be reunited. But their reunion is far from perfect. The Tides don't take kindly to Aria, a former Dweller. And with the worsening Aether storms threatening the tribe's precarious existence, Aria begins to fear that leaving Perry behind might be the only way to save them both.

Threatened by false friends, hidden enemies, and powerful temptations, Aria and Perry wonder, Can their love survive through the ever night?

In this second book in her spellbinding Under the Never Sky trilogy, Veronica Rossi combines fantasy and dystopian elements to create a captivating love story as perilous as it is unforgettable.

Through the Ever Night was AMAZING!  Everything I loved about Under the Never Sky was kicked up several notches and then some!  Epic adventure, heart-pounding action, romance, friendship, longing, and heartbreak are all found within the pages.  I’m still reeling with awe at the love I have for this story!

We pick up right where the story left off in Under the Never Sky where Aria and Perry meet again.  Their love for each other is strong, but they face so many outside challenges.  The Aether storms seem to be growing both in frequency and intensity, so all the tribes and even the Realms need to find a safe haven before everything necessary for life is destroyed.  Aria is tasked with the mission to find the elusive Still Blue, an area that is supposed to be unharmed by the Aether storms, by Consul Hess.  He’s blackmailed her into cooperating or risk the well-being of Talon, Perry’s beloved nephew.  Perry is now Blood Lord to the Tides but all is not smooth sailing.  The decision to bring Aria back to the Tides is met with suspicion, and most of the Tides members hate her even if she is half Outsider.  The Tides don’t fully trust Perry either, questioning his decisions as their leader, and Perry feels their doubt profoundly.

Oh man, was this good! I loved Under the Never Sky but I think this surpasses that story, something almost unheard of with a sequel.  No dreaded “second book syndrome” where much of the story is filler, gearing up for the final wrap-up in the last book.  This story was thrilling in every way and almost impossible to put down. 

I loved the romance between Perry and Aria.  Their characters are so well fleshed out, and you feel their concerns, despair, joy, and love right along with them.  They are from two different worlds but their care and love for the people around them, and their common goals make them well-suited for each other.  They had to weather a few storms, and I think they’ve become stronger for it.  I love this quote:

Her eyes blurred, and she wasn’t sure if it was from the pain or from the relief of being with him again.  He brought a sense of rightness.  She felt it every moment she spent with him. Even the wrong ones.  Even the painful ones, like now.  Perry’s hands stilled.  He looked up, and his gaze told her everything.  He felt it too.*

Secondary character such as Roar and Cinder, and even Soren add layers to an already amazing tale, and I found myself fully invested in their stories, as well.   This was an exciting adventure, filled with action, and danger.  Where we leave off in this installment has me anxious and super eager for the conclusion. I really like the way things are shaping up, and I think the next story has real potential to be just as exciting as this one.  Veronica Rossi has managed to stun an amaze me, and I can’t wait to pick up her next book!

*Quote taken from an uncorrected proof and may change in the final copy.



  1. Rachel, I love your review! I agree with everything you said about this book. It was absolutely brilliant. And yes, this book definitely didn't suffer from second book syndrome. It was even better than the first book. I didn't think Rossi could surpass this one, but she really surprised me. She's one of my favorite authors. The characters in this book were even more fleshed out than the first. My review for this book goes live on Monday. I gave it 5 stars too! It deserves a lot more than that though!
    Beautiful beautiful review, Rachel! :)

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to read it Nick! :)

  2. Wowza, I just read a glowing five star review of this book a mere three minutes ago at another blog, and then I happened upon YOUR five star review and I'm SHOCKED (in a good way, of course). ;) I find that these days, sequels of YA novels, as you put it, suffer from "Middle Book Syndrome" and rarely surpass the brilliance of the first novel ~ so I'm extremely pleased to see that this isn't the case with TtEN. Incredible review as always, Rachel!

  3. Rachel, what a fantastic review! Your enthusiasm and love for this sequel is contagious and now I'm super psyched to read this!! Aaah, it better be good!!!! OMG I can't wait to meet Perry again. And I can't wait for Aria to meet Perry. I wonder what's going to happen!! They better not split up!! >.< I'm SO thrilled to hear it doesn't at all suffer from second-book-syndrome, like a lot of sequels I've read recently. Fabulous review, Rachel!!!!!!! <3

  4. EEEEk. I just finished thsi recently and made a review already. It is really amazing. to the highest level! I love thsi series so much and this book so soo good. The characters are my most favorite part, they are remarkable and just well-defined. Great review Rachel x


  5. Uh your review will make me pick up Under The Never Sky right away :) I can't wait to get some time to read it, especially if the sequel is so good :) Amazing review :)

  6. I just finished reading this book. No second book syndrome indeed. I enjoyed reading your review :D Will make my review soon...


  7. Ahh. I only skimmed your review because I am so dying to read this!

  8. That made very little sense at all cause i stupidly still haven't read 'under the never sky'! I know, it's shocking! I totally have to get a copy though, and probably a copy of this now because i did get that you thought it was great! :)

  9. I totally and 100% agree with you! This book rocked my world! It's definitely better than the first book. All the characters were awesome.. the romance between Perry and Aria was SO SWOONY, but also a little rocky since they had to be apart and started having some doubts. But they were realistic doubts and not annoying ones. And I do think that this book definitely made their relationship stronger!!

    Love your review!!

  10. I'm eagerly waiting for this book! I loved Under the Never Sky so I hope I can hear more about Roar (though I love Aria and Perry too). On second thought, yes, I want more Aria and Perry too <3

    Great review, Rachel!

    @ A Discombobulated Balladry

  11. Loved your review, Rachel! So glad to learn that there is no dreaded “second book syndrome” here. If the story could make you feel stunned and amazed, I think I'll have to add the series to my must-read list. Thanks a lot :)

  12. *throws bucketful of confetti* YAY, I am so glad you enjoyed this one Rachel!! If both you AND Keertana enjoyed this one, then I'm sure it's going to be phenomenal. I mean, I loved how the characters were so fleshed out in the first book, and it seems like they only develop more in this sequel. And I'm also looking forward to seeing these secondary characters grow and become a part of the story even more than the first.

    Also, that quote? *melts*

    Fabulous review Rachel! You've gotten me even more excited for this book- thank goodness I have this one pre-ordered. It'll be all mine on Tuesday! :D

  13. Yes! As I told you before, I liked this one much more than the first book too. The character development is pure art, seriously, Rossi deserves a medal just for that. Her writing is more sure, more mature, more everything.
    Amazing review, Rachel. I'd sell my soul for book 3.

  14. I have got to get this series. I have read three glowing reviews of this book today. If Maja is considering selling her soul...well I need to find time for this. Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Wow, seems like Rossi did a stellar job with this one! I liked the first book well enough, though I didn't love it, but I'm still looking forward to seeing what happens next and hopefully getting some answers. I love that quote too! Brilliant review, Rachel. :)

  16. Brilliant quote, Rachel!

    I still need to read the first book. *Sigh* You and Keertana have effectively sold me the first book which I already own and made me want to read it now when I just don't have time.

    Lovely review. I am thoroughly excited for this series! :)

  17. Incredible review, Rachel! I love the quote you picked and I absolutely agree with your sentiments about this book. It was amazing and I just adored the realistic progression that Aria and Perry's relationship took! :) I can't wait for the next book now! :D

  18. Even better than UtNs?? I'm dying here! I cannot wait to read TtEN. Am preordering RIGHT NOW. Thanks for the awesome, spoiler-free (!) review!

  19. Aw, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Just about every review says it's better than the first book, which makes me kind of curious, even though I had more mixed feelings about it. Now you just have to wait a year for the next one, hah. Nicely reviewed!

  20. I'm happy that you liked this because I am still yet to read book one and I really, really hope this is a series that I will like! Great review :D

  21. I've read so many great reviews for this book that I know I need to pick up Under the Ever Night. Great review Rachel, love the quote :)

  22. EEEEE Rachel! I have just finished reading Roar & Liv and absolutely can't wait for Through the Ever Night now. I've read Under the Ever Night so I am glad to hear that the sequel is AMAZING.

    Awesome review, Rachel ♥ So glad you enjoyed it!

  23. I just finished this one last night and loved it so much! Maybe more than the first, like you. I agree about what you said about the romance and also the secondary characters. Such an amazing series. I hope the last book keeps the momentum going! :)

    ~Sara @ Forever 17 Books


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