Thursday, 24 March 2016

Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts #2

What I've been reading:
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Shelter Mountain (A Virgin River Novel) Staked (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #8) Chase Me (Paris Nights #2)

I finished Shelter Mountain, the second book in Robyn Carr's Virgin River series and loved it. I got a lot of the previous couples, and hinting at a new romance! I wish I lived in Virgin River! Can't wait to pick up book three.  Staked by Kevin Hearne is so darn funny! I'm laughing myself silly over Owen's chapters! I'm listening to the audio book which I cannot recommend more! Luke Daniels' narration is amazing! The series wouldn't be the same for me without his narration. I've just started Chase Me by Laura Florand.  I'm already cracking up and loving it! She is one of my all-time favorite romance novelists.  Her writing is just beyond beautiful!

I had two days where my diet sort of went out the window, this last weekend, because I had two dinner parties to attend.  I stop logging after lunch on both nights.  There may or may not have been a small slice of red velvet bundt cake with cream cheese frosting, but I didn't go all out so I didn't do too much damage, thankfully. 
I didn't try any new recipes except for Oven Roasted Asparagus I found on  There doesn't seem like many ways to fix asparagus, to me anyhow, but this recipe is really tasty.  

#FitReaders is hosted by Jen @That's What I'm Talking About and Felicia @TheGeekyBlogger.

Here's my progress for the last week:

Thursday: 13,593 steps
Friday: 10,175 steps
Saturday: 7,237 steps 
Sunday: 13,647 steps (did an almost 4mile walk/jog 79 minutes)
Monday:  12,678 steps (walk/jog 55 minutes)
Tuesday:14,519 steps (walk/jog 43 minutes)
Wednesday: 11,598 steps
Total steps: 83,447 steps


  1. I need to read something by Robin Carr one of these days. I always see her books at the library.
    I'm with you on Asparagus. I have yet to find a recipe that made it tasty for me.
    You're rocking it with the FitReaders, Rachel! :) Good luck with your diet!

  2. Thanks to your post, I finally bit the bullet and bought Fitbit! So this week, I started walking. Working my way into running - eventually. Anyway, good luck with these reads! Happy long weekend!

  3. I really love Owen's chapters in Staked as well. I don't think I would love the series as much if I wasn't listening to Luke Daniels. I need to try the Robyn Carr series. Have a lovely Easter weekend, Rachel and Jasprit.

  4. Good job on your fitness; I think it's good to have "cheat" days sometimes or just times where you enjoy yourself a bit. Overall, I AM trying to be more active and eat better. :)


  5. I'm really interested in Hearne's books, but I have not read any! Nice job with your progress, I think you are slaying! :D

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  6. ♥ asparagus! I haven't read anything by Robyn Carr or Kevin Hearne and it sounds like I need to remedy this immediately! I'm reading Undecided right now and so fart it's great for NA. We shall see! I just read that Laura Griffin series you recently reviewed and loved it! Have a great weekend Rachel!!

  7. Go, Rachel! :) Staked sounds pretty good, thanks for the rec!

  8. You're right... asparagus is pretty limited.

  9. I’m now a big fun of Laura Florand too. I’ll check out your review on her latest book. And I need to check out Virgin River series; lately I don’t have time to read a lot, audiobooks are my only way to “read”. Dinner parties are the worst! And the best (red velvet bundt cake with cream cheese frosting sounds so yummy). And it looks like you did a lot of steps.

  10. Yay for another lovely post :) Thank you for sharing Rachel. <3 Yay for reading great books :D And gosh, YAY for walking so much :) I.. am not good at walking much at all. Ugh. I must start soon too, I think :) Good luck and happy reading sweetie. <3


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