Thursday, 14 April 2016

Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts #4

Both Jasprit and I are trying to get a little healthier, and more active so we're tracking our progress through #FitReaders down below. It's a check in that helps keep us motivated to keep active. But also we wanted to share what we're reading and a little of what's going on in our lives by participating in Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts hosted by Bookishly Boisterious.  So here we go!

What I've been reading:
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  Whispering Rock (Virgin River, #3) Midnight Rainbow What We Find (Sullivan's Crossing, #1)

I'm continuing with two author obsessions: Robyn Carr and Linda Howard.  I completed the third book in the Virgin River series, Whispering Rock and loved it! The audio narration by Therese Plummer is fabulous! She narrators the whole series from what I can tell and also What We Find. I'll be starting that soon. Midnight Rainbow by Linda Howard was orginally published in 1986. Thirty years ago, pre cell phones and internet! Linda Howard's romantic suspense stories are thrilling, addictive, and hilarious never mind the year written, and Midnight Rainbow was no exception!


I thought that continuing with Contreras' series would help me out of my funk, but unfortunately I didn't end up enjoying it as much as the previous books, I did like getting Victor's story, but just needed more from this book it just came across as a repetition of the previous books. The Distance Between Us was a cute read, I didn't enjoy it as much as West's other books, but that could just be down to the reading mood I'm in. I started You yesterday and honestly 100 pages in I'm already creeped out!

What we've been up to:


I had an uneventful weekend which was nice considering I was just in San Francisco the weekend prior.  All the back and forth gets a bit tiring, even if it is an awesome city.  I made chicken soup with mashed potatoes for a sick family member and enjoyed the non-stop rain three days straight (an uncommon occurrence for Southern California!).  I had to do the spin bike for my exercise Friday and Saturday to stay dry. Since the rain is gone I've been enjoying the spring flowers on my walks. The smell of honeysuckle is so wonderful (see pictures below)!
Spring flowers!


I haven't been up to much other than working and trying to fit gym time in around it, hence I've been hardly feeling up for reading. The circuits class at the gym has become one of my favourite sessions, I'm absolutely knackered after my Monday session, but I'm sort of tempted to go to the Tuesday session too! And with trying to keep up with my healthy eating (I had two fillings the other day and after that decided enough was enough) I subscribed to Sourced Box, a U.K. based monthly subscription service which provide you with healthy snacks, I was so impressed with their box that I signed up for the year! I also found some artisan raw chocolate bars from Raw Halo, which are 100% natural, organic and refined sugar free, so that should keep my sweet tooth going! 

#FitReaders is hosted by Jen @That's What I'm Talking About and Felicia @TheGeekyBlogger.

Here's our progress for the last week:


The rain didn't stop me from exercising, but I did the spin bike (my steps don't register when I'm sitting. :/) on Friday and Saturday to stay dry. I've been walking/jogging my legs off every other day.  Makes me feel less guilty when I have that glass of wine with dinner.

Thursday:  10,339 steps
Friday:  11,331 steps 60 minutes spin bike
Saturday: 10,262 steps 60 minutes spin bike
Sunday: 13,217 steps walk/jog 1.5 hours
Monday: 14,655 steps walk/jog 35 min
Tuesday: 13,716 steps walk/jog 35 min
Wednesday:   13,031 steps walk/jog 35min
Total steps:  86,551 steps


I was meant to go for more runs this week, but its been super cold, so I've been using the excuse to stay in bed that bit longer! My biggest steps days are of course when I go to circuits class! And I finally took part in my first challenge with Rachel and Kris, and although they totally out-stepped me, I had a lot of fun! 

Thursday: 8,574  steps
Friday: 9,214 steps
Saturday: 8,827 steps 
Sunday: 6,130 steps
Monday: 16,358 steps (inlcuding circuits class)
Tuesday: 6,834 steps
Wednesday: 9,110 steps
Total steps: 65,047 steps


  1. It's so awesome that you both are participating in Fitreaders and you're both rocking the steps. Great job!!

    Rachel - I workout just so I can have my glass of red every night after dinner. ;) We all have our rewards that keep us motivated! I hope you enjoy What We Find- I thought it was really good.

    Jasprit - great job with the circuit classes! I've just started working some circuit training into my weekly routine (doing them at home). I did a kettlebell workout last night for the first time - my arms and legs are feeling it today!
    I'm always trying to find new healthy alternatives for my sweet tooth - I've never heard of the Raw Halo bars. Last night I cut up a banana and poured some sugar free chocolate syrup over it. Froze it for a half hour, and then sprinkled granola on top. It was so yummy and perfect for my sweet tooth!

    1. I'm a real fan of the kettlebell workouts Brandie, I just wish I had more time to do them! And that banana sounds yummy, will definitely give it a go :)

  2. Ooooo Jasprit I can't wait to see what you think of YOU! That one has been on my list for a while but I'm honestly a little scared to start it. Joe sounds so creepy and I'm not sure I can handle him just yet. And the packaging for those chocolate bars is gorgeous!!!! Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

    Both of you are kicking ass with your steps! WOO HOO!

    1. Last night I had to put it down I really thought Joe took it too far at one point, but everyone seems to love it, so I do want to get back to it despite being really nervous about doing so. And thank you, I need to try and keep up with Rachel's pace! :)

  3. Rachel, I haven't read anything by the two romance authors you're obsessed with these days but I am so excited to see what you make of them and add them to my TBR. I also love your pictures of California--they are beautiful!

    Jasprit, I am so impressed by your motivation! Healthy snacks are AMAZING and I definitely need to invest in some. Like you, though, I haven't been a fan of The Distance Between You and Me. I really enjoyed West's other stand-alone that released around the same time as this (the title escapes me right now) so maybe try that one?

    Ladies, you are an inspiration with your healthy streak and motivation to work out. Keep up the amazing lifestyle and I hope you have a WONDERFUL April! :D

    1. Was it The Fill-in Boyfriend or On the Fence? I really enjoyed the latter one, unfortunately I've read all of West's books now, so can't wait for her newest one! And thank you Keertana, I hope you have a great April too!

  4. I love Midnight Rainbow and all of Linda Howard, really -- even pre cell phones, her books just make me happy! I'm listening to Kiss Me While I Sleep right now while I drive to and from work and it just makes me smile every day! Rachel, you should pick this one up -- it's the third/last book featuring John Medina and so good! Those flowers are beautiful -- we've been enjoying rain too and I ♥ it

    Jasprit, You is definitely creepy! I am just not sold on Kasie West -- she is so praised but the two books I've read from her have been just ok for me. Maybe I'm missing something

  5. That's great you're both doing so well with your fitness goals. I love that box Jasprit! We have a few like that in the U.S. and I've thought about trying one out at some point. I could really use help finding more healthy snacks. I belong to a gym, so trying to find time to go to that. I have YOU to read as well. I'm hoping to get to it soon.

    Rachel - it looks so pretty out now! I'm glad it's stopped raining here, as we've had it for awhile now. haha The sun being out is definitely better!


  6. You guys are killing it! I'm so proud of you both. I'm on way there if only my blistered feet will heal faster!

    Happy reading, ladies. <3

  7. Keep it up, ladies! I love that you all post your progress. And I loved The Distance Between Us! We need more Kasie West. <3

    Have a lovely weekend, ladies!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  8. You go, ladies - you are so inspiring I feel like putting on my sneakers and going for a run outside myself! Jasprit, that box does look delicious - how did it taste though? :D And, Rachel, those flowers are so lovely! Wishing you both more successes, mental strength to carry on, and as fewer calories as possible :D Hugs

  9. Those Fitbit Challenges are really motivating and addicting...let me know when you want to do another one :) You both had great weeks, step-wise!!!

    @Rachel: I loved Robyn Carr's Virgin River series and just read her newest one, What We Find - I think that's going to be a good new series. Have you read her Thunder Point series? That was also good. I love walking outdoors this time of year. My favorite flower to come upon is lilacs - I just love the smell of them :)

    @Jasprit: I just finished listening to You...boy oh boy is that one creepy book! I am going to continue with Hidden Bodies...but need a breather! I have an awful sweet tooth - dark chocolate is my downfall. I'll have to look into those snacks...though this time of year, I tend to love the summer fruits, especially peaches!

    Have a great week!!!

    1. Ha I was actually thinking of doing one with you guys tomorrow, I'm definitely going to try and get in as many steps as I can!

      Yes it's totally freaking me out, I had to take a break, might try and get back to it tonight!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Yaaay :D Lovely post sweet girls. <3 You are both aaamazing. And yay for reading pretty looking books too :) Ahh, spring. I AM JEALOUS. Still snow here with me, lol :) I hope you are both having an amazing time. <3 All the hugs.

  12. @Rachel. I hadn’t realized that Midnight Rainbow by Linda Howard is republished. This cover doesn;’t say 1986 at all. Lol.

    We have non-stop rain in Moscow this week (common occurrence for Moscow at this time of year). These flowers are gorgeous.

    @Jasprit. Sorry to hear The Distance Between Us wasn’t a total winner for you. I loved this story so much. Good luck with You. I don’t have guts to read such book. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

    Good luck with your diet and fitness.

    1. If you click on "All Editions" on Goodreads you can see all the publication dates. They updated the cover you see above and in fact Linda Howard is re-issuing many of her oldies-but-goodies.

      The flowers are gorgeous!, Ksenia!


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