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Review: Timepiece by Myra McEntire

Timepiece (Hourglass, #2)

  Title: Timepiece
  Author: Myra McEntire
  Publisher: Edgmont USA
  Publication Date: June 12th 2012
  Source: NetGalley
  My rating: 4 stars
  Reviewed by: Rachel


When I finished Hourglass I knew there was a sequel planned, but I had no idea it would not be told from our original narrator, Emerson's, POV. Timepiece continues the story of Hourglass, but this time from Kaleb's POV. This was especially fun because Kaleb is a classic bad-boy! To hear his flippant and flirtatious comments throughout had me cracking up.

When we pick up the story, "rips," visions of the past or future, are appearing everywhere and with increasing magnitude and frequency. Not only can Emerson and Michael see them, but now all the member of Hourglass can too. Our hopes that Jack faded out into a pile of goo are dashed when he appears to Kaleb and the gang to taunt them. Add to this list of problems, the Hourglass members are given an ultimatum from Chronos, the infamous powers-that-be, to find Jack Landers and bring him to them. If they don't, time could be altered in ways that wouldn't be so favorable to their members. This could mean life or death for Michael and Liam, and sanity or crazy-mess for Emerson. With this urgent need to find Jack, the team starts to look for a way to find him, and they begin to test out Lily's (Emerson's best friend in Hourglass) powers of location.

In this installment we get to flesh out Kaleb and Lily's abilities a little more. We also get some background on the Hourglass and Chronos organizations. We find out more about Jack and his past as well.  So we get some answers, but also a lot of questions. 

Getting the story from Kaleb's POV made this a fun read. Here's a sample of his thinking:

Hayrides were the perfect place to make out with a girl and get away with grabby hands. Could always blame it on bumpy farm roads.

I had no idea how she got that ridiculously curvy body into a skintight golden cat suit, but I was all for helping her get out of it. I leaned toward her. "Meow."

Yes, he's a typical guy and a bit of a jerk at times, but he still had me laughing. He fits the bad-boy persona pretty well: heart-throb good-looks, tattoos, piercings, breaking hearts wherever he goes, but any of us who read Hourglass knows this is just an act (for the most part!). I loved that he has such a big heart even though he doesn't let that secret out to many. We really do get to see the softer side of Kaleb, and I couldn't help but fall him! Lily was also a big part of this story, and I really enjoyed getting to know this sassy, confident girl.  She is all about saying it like it is! While Kaleb and Lily were the main focus in Timepiece, we do get quite a bit of Emerson and Michael. I was delighted that their romance is still going strong and they seem closer than ever.  My one complaint with this book is that at first I had a hard time remembering some of the paranormal aspects, like what rips were and how some of the abilities of the members worked. A bit more recap would've helped me. I sorted some of this out by flipping through Hourglass. I guess this is just one of the drawbacks of having books releasing a year apart from each other. 

While most of the important issues are wrapped up and no main characters are left dangling, we are left with an abrupt ending and a lot of questions. I look forward to the answers coming in Infinityglass. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Edgmont USA for allowing me to read this.


  1. :) this sounds like a fantastic book series!
    I love how you wrote "the powers-that-be" because it made me think of Cordelia from Angel, one of my favorite characters ever!
    There needs to be more books like this one and Spark with bad-boy narrators!
    I will definitely be checking out this series!

    1. Oh Rachel, you had to bring up Angel! Yep, the-powers-that-be reminds me of that too! I loved Cordy and Angel together! I liked that series until the last plot line involving Cordelia and Angel's son went all wacko! :(

  2. I still haven't gotten around to reading this series yet, but I keep hearing great things about it.
    Kaleb sounds like an awesome character, although he does seem like a jerk.
    Those quote had me laughing, to be honest. :P I have a feeling I'll adore him. :D
    Brilliant review, Jasprit. :)

    1. Eeep ! Sorry, I didn't realize you wrote this review, Rachel. :(
      I apologize. :(
      I meant to say "Brilliant Review, Rachel"

    2. No worries Nick, heehee! :)

  3. This series does sound great. People seem to have really mixed views of the second book though! I'm REALLY hoping I'll get around to reading Hourglass this weekend. Awesome review, Rachel. :D

  4. Ooooo I like that it switches POVs from the first book to this one, it's always fun to get things from a different characters perspective! I haven't read book one but I hope to soon, I've heard it's great. Also, since I gravitate toward that jerky type of male protagonist (not sure what that says about me) I think I'll really like this second one from Kaleb's POV. Thanks for the review Rachel!

  5. I skimmed through your review because I'm yet to read HOURGLASS. I can't wait to! It's in my Kindle App!!! And I'll definitely be reading this soon so that I can read Timepiece right after! It's so great that Timepiece is told from another character's perspective- that's always refreshing! ESPECIALLY when it's the bad boy. Awesome review, Rachel <33

  6. I haven't read Hourglass, but I'm sure it will take me a bit to get too, so I don't worry about spoilers too much. I'm so glad you enjoyed the second one though. Sequels tend to be difficult for many books.

    Kaleb sounds hilarious. I think I'd like reading a book from his point of view, based on your comments/quotes (too funny by the way).


  7. @Nicola-I hope you like the series when you get around to it. It does have mixed reactions. One plus for you is that you can read one right after the other. :)

    @Jenny-I gravitate towards those jerky-male types too! As long as there's a heart underneath somewhere! And Kaleb has a big one! :)

    @Ajoop, have fun reading Hourglass, I really liked this series. I love my Kindle and Kindle app on my phone! It's great for reading anywhere you can squeeze a minute in. :)

    @Lauren (Shooting Star Mag)-Kaleb is hilarious and sexy in both books! Enjoy! ;)

  8. Oh! I had no idea that this book had a different narrator from the first book too! I actually kind of like that because it gives you a chance to see the original MC from someone else's perspective... and the moment you said he's the bad boy type, I automatically knew I'll love him too! ;) And this may cause my mom to have a hemorrhage, but I can't help but love a guy with a tattoo LOL x)

    Beautiful review as always, Rachel! Meow :') <3

    1. You are so cute, Mimi!! The bad-boys always sound like so much fun on the page! Don't worry I won't tell you mom. At your age, my parents would've had a hemorrhage if I liked a boy with a tattoo as well! Lol!!

  9. Great review Rachel! You make me want to start this series asap although I already had it in my wishlist. But I love series that gives us different POVs so we get to know other characters and Kaleb sounds awesome and amusing! :)

  10. I have a soft spot for bad-boy type characters (in books mind you ;)) which is why I'm looking forward to reading this from Kaleb's POV. I wasn't too keen when I first found out it would be from his POV but I'm eager to give it a go now. I'm glad you enjoyed this Rachel. Great review! :)

  11. I haven't started this series yet but it sounds amazing! Aww, I like it when a book is told from a bad boy POV! It certainly shows his fragile side. ;) LOL, classical bad boy type! I think tattoos and piercings always sound better in book than in real life. :P

    Lovely review, Rachel! <3

  12. Ok I am able to leave a comment. I have to use my big computer and log out and refresh it three times and then it will finally let me in... go figure. Finally!
    Hi Rachel! I have been reading so many reviews on this one this week and I have it in my pile as well. I am interested to see who I like Calder. I am excited that it is from a male POV and he is a merman and that it is a little dark, those are all aspects that you don't run across all the time and finally that it takes place in the great lakes instead of the ocean. I am glad over all it was a good read for you. I will come back and compare notes with you once I read this one. Enjoy your weekend, lovely!

    1. Oh Heidi, what a pain! I'm sorry you had to go to such much hassle to leave a comment here! Flipping stupid computers! I just makes me appreciate your comment even more!

      I think you'll enjoy Calder when you get to him, even though he is less than squeaky clean morally. I can't wait to hear what you think of the sisters and their relationship with him.

  13. I love this book! This is making my favorite list!! From the very first chapter I was hooked! Of course, I am a sucker for time-travel stories and this one is the best I've read so far! Wow! The plot was so original, intense and enjoyable!!


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