Monday, 18 July 2016

Cover Reveal: Undecided by Julianna Keyes


Hi everyone, today I'm thrilled to share the new redesigned cover for Undecided by Julianna Keyes, a book which I loved, you can read my review here. So without further ado here is the brand new cover!


Undecided by Julianna Keyes 
Publication date: April 4th 2016 

Synopsis: Nora Kincaid has one goal for her second year of college: be invisible. Last year’s all-party-no-study strategy resulted in three failed classes and two criminal charges, and if she messes up again she’ll lose her scholarship. But there’s one problem with her plan for invisibility, and his name is Crosbie Lucas: infamous party king, general hellraiser…and her new roommate’s best friend. Crosbie’s reckless reputation and well-known sexcapades aren’t part of Nora’s studious new strategy, but as she’s quickly learning, her new plan is also really boring. When Crosbie’s unexpected gestures of friendship pull her head out of her books long enough to see past his cocky veneer, she’s surprised to find a flawed and funny guy beneath it all. The muscles don’t hurt, either. But as Nora starts to fall for Crosbie, the weight of one of last year’s bad decisions grows even heavier. Because three failing grades and two misdemeanors are nothing compared to the one big secret she’s hiding…

Goodreads | Amazon  

.AUTHOR BIO: Julianna Keyes is a Canadian writer who has lived on both coasts and several places in between. She's been skydiving, bungee jumping and white water rafting, but nothing thrills - or terrifies - her as much as the blank page. She loves Chinese food, foreign languages, baseball and television, not necessarily in that order, and will go to her grave swearing that "ain't" is not a word. She has volunteered in Zambia, taught English in China, and dreams of seeing pink dolphins in the Amazon. It'll happen

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Monthly Recap: June

What we've been up to.


Hi guy sorry for the lack of lately, I hoping that July will be a month where I will get around to posting more! This month was good and exciting as I finally went back to the gym after 5 weeks off! And I got to see Rihanna on her Anti World Tour, I was gutted when The Weekend pulled out, but Rihanna was amazing, she went all out with her set and she can so sing live! 

I haven't been doing anything exciting. Just working, exercising and reading. I'm looking forward to laying out by the pool today (July 4th Holiday in the US) and just relaxing. Hopefully, with a good book because I just read two duds in a row!

What we've been watching. 


I finally finished with Season 2 of Power and whilst the ending had me in all kinds of shock, I'm not sure if I will continue back with the show when it continues in July :(

I've been able to continue with Suits almost a year later! I've just finished with season 2 and honestly I can't wait to binge watch it all once I've got back from my cousin's wedding. 


I'm watching The Walking Dead, which I'll go on binges and watch several episodes in one sitting and then won't watch anything for months. That works out well because I'm almost at the end of the season five on Netflix, which is all they have available now.

Music we've been listening to.


Scrillex - Recess

My cousin recently got me into Scrillex on our way back from the Rihanna concert, I really didn't see the appeal of this sort of music before, but now I'm hooked!

DJ Snake - Middle

This has been my go to jam when I'm working out and driving around, it gives off the vibes of a perfect Summer!

I only listen to music while I'm on a spin bike, for some reason I like to listen to books while walking/running. I've been listening to a lot of country music: Round Here Buzz, Record Year, and Broke Record by Eric Church, I'm Comin' Over by Chris Young, Single Girl and Make Me Wanna by Thomas Rhett. Not country: Hush by Cappa, and Chasing Pirates by Norah Jones, and a lot of Katy Perry are on my workout playlist.



Number of books read: 1! 

Best read of last month: Well I only read one book this month, this beat my grand total of last month which was 0, but this book was everything I could have asked for, it was Taylor Jenkins Reid's newest book One True Loves. In the past I haven't been able to completely love her previous books, I was completely taken by this one, I highly recommend everyone getting a copy asap! 

Number of books read: 14

Best read of last month:

I have three 5 star reads from last month:

Making Faces Forbidden Falls (A Virgin River Novel) Compulsion (Max Revere, #2)

I switched back and forth between the audio book and e-copy for all of these books. The audio narration was excellent for every title!

Three Books I'm looking forward to reading next month. 
(Click on Book for Goodreads link). 


With some great contemporary releases this month, I'm really hoping that they will get me back in the mood for more contemporary reading, Miranda and Kasie have never let me down in the past, so *fingers crossed*. And I have waited so long for more Harry Potter, so I can't wait for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!


Poisonous (Maxine Revere, #3) Angel's Peak (Virgin River, #9) Ruined (Barnes Brothers, #4)

I know July will be another crazy busy one for both Rachel and I, I have my sisters  graduation to look forward to, London Film and Comic Con and another day full of adventure with Allie! I can't wait! I hope you all have a wonderful month! 

Friday, 1 July 2016

Giveaway Hop: Couldn't Put It Down July

I'm here with a wonderful giveaway!  Just Couldn't Put it Down in July is a giveaway hop hosted by Valerie @Stuck in Books.  For a complete list of participating blogs click HERE. This giveaway is open Internationally!

So here are a few books I just couldn't put down:

Making Faces Compulsion (Max Revere, #2) Hold Me Close (Paradise, Idaho, #2) 

All the Queen's Men (CIA Spies, #2) Chase Me (Paris Nights #2) 

 $10 @ US Amazon or US Barnes & Noble or up to $10 @ The Book Depository.  This giveaway is International as long as The Book Depository ships to your country.  Click HERE for list of countries.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Review: Making Faces by Amy Harmon

Making Faces by Amy Harmon
Publication date: October 12th 2013
My rating: 5 stars 
Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Ambrose Young was beautiful. He was tall and muscular, with hair that touched his shoulders and eyes that burned right through you. The kind of beautiful that graced the covers of romance novels, and Fern Taylor would know. She'd been reading them since she was thirteen. But maybe because he was so beautiful he was never someone Fern thought she could have...until he wasn't beautiful anymore.

Making Faces is the story of a small town where five young men go off to war, and only one comes back. It is the story of loss. Collective loss, individual loss, loss of beauty, loss of life, loss of identity. It is the tale of one girl's love for a broken boy, and a wounded warrior's love for an unremarkable girl. This is a story of friendship that overcomes heartache, heroism that defies the common definitions, and a modern tale of Beauty and the Beast where we discover that there is little beauty and a little beast in all of us.

My Thoughts:
Making Faces was a compelling, beautiful story of love, loss, and the beauty of a person found underneath the superficial, exterior layers.

Fern Taylor loved Ambrose Young from an early age, idolizing him at the beginning, but falling for his soul in high school. Ambrose is everything a town hero could be: gorgeous, captain of the wrestling team, athletically gifted, and nice underneath it all. Fern, however, is the perfect example of an ugly duckling albeit with a heart of gold, running around with her beloved cousin and best friend, Bailey, a boy with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  Instead of being a depressing figure, Bailey is filled with positivity and a humorous outlook on life.

In the aftermath of 9/11 Ambrose chooses to go off to war with his four best friends instead of taking the wresting scholarship offered and going to college. Ambrose comes back broken and battered, but Fern and Bailey won’t let him hide in his shell for long.

I’m not going to elaborate on the plot, I’m just going to say that this is one of the most beautiful NA stories I’ve read.  The writing is gorgeous without being distracting or disrupting plot flow. The story was completely riveting to me! The romance was a slow burn, super sweet, heartfelt, but it wasn’t just about the romance.  Friendship, loyalty, family, mortality, and the beauty that is within were at the heart of the moving tale. 

“I think people are like that. When you really look at them, you stop seeing a perfect nose or straight teeth. You stop seeing the acne scar or the simple in the chin. Those things start to blur, and suddenly you see them, the colors, the life inside the shell, and beauty takes on a whole new meaning.”

This is a self-published gem! I’ll definitely be picking up more Amy Harmon for sure, and soon!  I listened to the story and Rob Shapiro does an excellent job of both male and female voices. Total recommend!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Short & Tweetish Reviews #8 Paradise, Idaho series by Rosalind James

I'm back to doing Short & Tweetish Reviews (There's no way I can keep it to 140 characters!).  This style of reviewing was introduced to me by Mary@The Book Swarm  and Karen's @For What It's Worth

Carry Me Home (Paradise, Idaho #1) by Rosalind James
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication date: June 16th 2015
My rating:  4 stars  
Links: Amazon | B&N | TBD | GRs
My Thoughts:
Zoe is focused on the goals drilled into her by her father, a completely selfish man, IMO, and doesn’t know how love and family can fit in. That’s okay she has Cal to help her with that. He’s funny, confident and successful, even though Zoe misjudges him at first they soon click. Good thing because Cal is exactly who you want in your corner when you have a stalker after you. There was a lot of sexy, fun banter, but this story was a turns scary, and the end had me on the edge of my seat! The mystery of who is behind it all is good and kept me guessing!

Hold Me Close (Paradise, Idaho #2) by Rosalind James

Pubulisher: Montlake Romance
Publication date: December 8th 2015
My rating:  4.5 stars  
Links: Amazon | B&N | TBD | GRs

My Thoughts:
Love the small town and the way they helped each other out; the Jackson family and the unquestioning support they gave to Kayla. Loved that Luke allowed Kayla be her own person with dignity and respect, allowed her to rescue herself and Eli, but also gave help and support. Even though intimacy between Luke and Kayla was taken slow, and with caution, it was very hot! I was thrilled to visit with Cal and Zoe (from the previous installment) again and be in on special events/news.

This was very much romantic suspense and had me on edge over Kayla’s safety! Alan made my skin crawl and frightened the heck out of me, because I know so many Alans are out there in real life! Rosalind James' had me hooked! This was my favorite of the series!

Hold Me Close (Paradise, Idaho #2) by Rosalind James
Pubulisher: Montlake Romance
Publication date: May 17th 2016
My rating:  3.5 stars  
Links: Amazon | B&N | TBD | GRs

My Thoughts:
Rochelle Marks has been a staple in this series, the sexy fun loving friend with curves. She has a big heart and a fierce drive to make the best of herself.  Seeing her friends find happiness has underscored Rochelle’s desire to have her own happy ending. She’s no longer willing to waste time on someone who just wants to have fun.  Rochelle has had her share of letdowns in her love life, but Travis seemed different, someone with possibility, until she didn’t hear from him. Now he’s back in her life, in a temporary position at the University she works at, wanting another chance. 

Travis needed to sort through some things in his life before he could get serious with anyone, so his one night with Rochelle, even as unforgettable as it was, had to be put on the backburner.  Meeting up with her again Travis can’t ignore the powerful pull Rochelle has on him. They have smoking hot chemistry, and Rochelle is amazing. Now Travis just needs to convince her he’s serious.   

This was probably the least suspenseful of the three books. Rochelle’s sister’s problems translate into big trouble, and I kind of wanted to smack her a few times. She’s lucky Rochelle and Travis had her back!

I love Rosalind James’ brand of storytelling, especially with romantic suspense.  One minute it’s all fun, or steamy hot, and the next you’re on the edge of your seat hoping for the best! Thrilling and addictive! A total recommend!

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