Friday, 28 December 2012

Recap 2012: Part two

Hello everyone and welcome back to part two of our 2012 recap. 

Characters I want to be friends with:
Jasprit: Suki and Heather Wells. Oh gosh both of these ladies are such a hoot! With Heather she’s always one to find herself up to the neck in trouble, it’s like she’s a magnet for it. Also with the mysteries she falls into that she has to unravel and someone always out to get her I know there would be endless fun with Heather around.
Suki just brightens up a room whenever she enters, she’s good to quickly cheer you up when you’re feeling low and having a friend who can read minds? Bonus!

Rachel: Maybe Tesadora or Beatriss from the Lumatere Chronicles by MM. Tesadora because she’s fiercely protective and seems like someone you could go to for advice and nothing would shock her. Beatriss seemed like such a mothering and caring sort and would be an excellent listener. I would think she’d have lots of good advice but give it a non-condescending manner.  

Best villain you love to hate:
Jasprit: Warner, oh Warner I could never really hate you. Deep down I know there is a real sweet person. You tore me completely in Shatter Me, your behaviour at times could be abrupt, but I’m hoping there’s a sure good reason for this. I’m honestly willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. There’s just something alluring and enigmatic about you which drew me to you even more!

Rachel: I’m going to second Jasprit’s choice, and go with Warner as well. I’m so torn about him! Even more so after reading Unravel Me! 

Can’t believe you waited so long to read this:
Jasprit: Divergent, I’m always one of the last people to jump on a bandwagon; I actually even brought Divergent on the day of its release, but got completely sidetracked by everything else. But this was one epic read that I wished I had picked up sooner.

Rachel: Without a doubt, the Fever series!!! Just amazing. 

Book you stayed up the latest to finish:
Jasprit: Gone Girl, this book absolutely left my brain frazzled. Unexpected blow after blow had me up until the early hours finishing it off, when originally I had planned to just read a few chapters.

Rachel: Grace Grows by Shelle Sumners. The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman. I know there’s more because I often do this. I start a book and think I’ll just read a few chapters and bam! I can’t stop. Little hint: Visine gets the red out, lol. 

Runners up: Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman and Flawed by Kate Avelynn.

Killer cliffhanger award:
Jasprit: Severed by Sarah Alderson. I have no words for this ending; I was just left with my mouth gaping open in horror and wanting to throw my kindle out of the window.
Rachel: Deity or Unspoken. Technically, Unspoken is not a “cliffhanger” per se but still, freaking heck!!

Favourite covers:
Jasprit: Gorgeous covers are always my biggest downfall, so narrowing this down to my top 5 of the year was super tough. Boundless (Aus version), Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill, Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black, Taken by Erin Bowman and The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke

Rachel: The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth La Ban, Easy by Tammara Webber, and there are more photos in that shoot. Click this link to see them (it’s posted on another blog and I’m not sure what language) I AM DYING when I look at them!! Swoon! My Life Next Door, that cover sucked me before I read the synopsis. First Comes Love by Katie Kacvinsky.  Fingerprints of You. 

Most embarrassing covers:
Jasprit: Kiss Crush Collide and Paradise. I do a lot of my reading on the way to and from work, most of the time this is via public transport. So I don’t normally like reading covers with public displays of affection in public, especially with everyone gawping at you. I was lucky that I had both of these books in hardcover, so I could take the jacket flap off.

Rachel: First Comes Love and Easy . I know they’re under my favorite covers but who wants to be seen reading those in public? I won’t even mention some of my adult reads, lol. Let’s just say hooray for e-readers! 

Series I’m loving:
Jasprit: Size 12 series by Meg Cabot. The latest book in this series Size 12 and Ready to Rock was far b y the best in the series. It was full with endless humour, another great mystery, a swoony romance and unforgettable secondary characters. I’m biting my nails in nervous anticipation as Size 12 is the New Black set for release next year is meant to be the last book in this series and I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye to these characters just yet.

Rachel: Well technically I’m done, but The Fever series. Amazing! 

Runners up: 
Jasprit: The Unearthly trilogy by Cynthia Hand, Divergent series by Veronica Roth and The Dairy Queen series by Catherine Gilbert Murdock.

Rachel: Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews, The Unearthly Series by Cynthia Hand, Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. 

Top 5 most anticipated reads of 2013:
Jasprit: Just One Day by Gayle Forman, Boundless by Cynthia Hand, Wild Awake by Hilary t. Smith, Haze by Paula Weston and Size 12 is the New Black by Meg Cabot.

Rachel: Boundless by Cynthia Hand,  Nevermore #3 (no title yet) by Kelly Creagh, Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins, The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead, This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

As you can see this year was a fantastic reading year. Thank you so much to all our blogging friends that made this possible too! With all the lovelies being released next year, we have a feeling next year will be even better!


  1. I still need to read Divergent. I'm the last one on most bandwagons too. I don't have enough time to read them all, and series really kill me!

    I still need to read Gone Girl. I've read her first two books and LOVE them, and I got GG the week it came out. I'm just slow getting to my own novels. 2013 will be better with that!

    I love the cover for Fingerprints to You too.

  2. Yay for part two! Wow, it looks like I really need to check out Meg Cabot's SIZE 12 series and Karen Marie Moning's FEVER series-- it looks like a reoccuring series in this favorites list! Those covers are absolutely gorgeous. I thought the US of BOUNDLESS was pretty, but the Australia version is just as gorgeous! Great post, ladies. :)

  3. Wow, another great round of books, you two! I definitely see a different side of Warner in Shatter Me, although I'm still firmly Team Adam! I still need to pick up the e-book though, and perhaps that will make me change sides... But I also can't believe you didn't read Divergent until this year, Jasprit! I fangirl WAY too much about that book, and am glad you enjoyed it so much. I also seriously need to pick up Gone Girl after all the gushing you've done as well, Jasprit. You both also have fantastic taste in covers! I hadn't seen the Australia cover for Boundless, but it is GORGEOUS! I thought the US cover was pretty, but this is so much prettier. And I also adore Taken's cover, that is especially beautiful. Like both of you as well, I dislike PDA on covers. I always have to hide those from my classmates and parents whenever I'm reading. =P Too embarrassing!

    Fantastic recap, you two! Hopefully 2013 will bring just as many fantastic books!

  4. "Let’s just say hooray for e-readers!" - LOL. That is just too funny about the covers. I hear you there.

    I am so obsessed with Warner from Shatter Me. In Destroy Me you see this whole new side. A villain I adore.

    Awesome recap, guys!

  5. Heather is definitely someone I would want to be friends with and yes, I totally agree about Warner being one epic villain. Wait until you meet The Darkling in Shadow and Bone. He's even worse than Warner in that he leaves you completely confused about your feelings for him. Seriously, I wasn't sure whether I loved him or I hated him!

    I've heard a lot about Unspoken's ending, so I'm not sure I want to read the book yet even though I've heard how amazing that book is. I have a feeling the ending would kill me too.

    I completely agree with the covers you've chose, Jasprit. They are so gorgeous to look at. I love the vivid colors. I could stare at it all day! :)

    Rachel! OMG! I just died looking at those pictures of Lucas and Jacqueline on that blog. The models are definitely what I picture Lucas and Jacqueline to look at. If they are a real-life couple, they make a gorgeous one.

    All the books you guys have mentioned in your most anticipated read of 2013 are in my list too.

    P.S Rachel, that comment on e-readers! I totally agree with you! :)

    I'm so glad that 2012 was a fabulous year in terms of books for you, ladies. I hope 2013 will be even more epic! :)

    I had a lot of fun reading this so thank you for this awesome post! :D

  6. i want the tragedy paper so bad ....

  7. Boundless cover is soo pretty! I still have to read The Fever series.

  8. Ooh, Warner is a villain I love to hate too! I would definitely love to be friends with Heather Wells, she's such a fun character. Omg, Size 12 is the New Black is the last book in the series?! I did not know that. :'( Awesome choices guys! I can't wait for Haze, The Indigo Spell, and Size 12 is the New Black either! ^^

  9. I agree completely with the Deity cliffhanger, that one was enough to give me an ulcer from all the stress. I've heard Severed was equally bad, so I'm holding off on that series entirely until all the books are out and I can just read them all in a row and not die of anticipation:) Not dying is good. Oooo and Warner is a great love-to-hate villain. I would nominate a certain someone from Shadow and Bone as well but won't mention him by name so as to not spoil anything for anyone.

  10. It took me ages to get around to reading Divergent too, but when I did, I loved it! Can't wait for Boundless, Isla and Just One Day in 2013. We are in for such a reading treat next year! Oh, that Aus cover of Boundless is just gorgeous!

  11. Gosh, I love so many of these! Warner is my favorite villain, too, although I barely even see him as one, especially after reading Destroy Me! My favorite cover is probably Destroy Me/Unrave Me and Black City, although I didn't read the book. Glass Heart also has a gorgeous cover.
    usually, the covers I'd hate to be seen with in public are urban fantasy... those awful, leather-clad heroines, usually with some beast or other at their side, or even worse, a vampire. Yeah, not something someone with a Master's in lit should be seen reading, lol. But you know, there's always my Kindle. :D

    Great post, you guys. It's been a great year.

  12. Soooo many good books mentioned on here. *dies* I love the Aussie cover for Boundless, it's stunning, and I definitely can't wait for the third book in the Divergent series and the third in Kelly Creagh's series. The book I can't believe I waited so long to read would have to be Pushing the Limits. Fabulous post ladies, thanks for sharing. :)

  13. First of all, I love the covers you chose! SO PRETTY! I totally hear you though on the awkward covers at times, so I usually try to get those books for my Kindle so I'm spared the awkwardness since I read in-between classes in the hallways all the time. Also, I cannot WAIT for Just One Day, Haze, Isla, and This is What Happy Looks Like! :) Rachel, I'd want to be friends with Beatriss too, or probably Phaedra. If there's any girl I want to have my back, it's her. Also, Jasprit, I was one of the last people to jump on the Divergent bandwagon too, but I wound up loving it! I'm so excited for Book 3...whatever it may be called. ;) Wonderful recap, ladies!

  14. I was hesitant to pick up Divergent when it first came out but I loved the book and its sequel when I read them earlier this year. Now I'm really looking forward to reading book 3 :) Oh, looks like I'll have to add a few things to my read-list... Size 12, Gone Girl, Dairy Queen, The Book of Blood and Shadow. Thanks a lot for the recap :)

  15. I was also one of the last people I'm sure to pick up Divergent and start the Fever series. Much to my pleasant surprise though, I really liked both! Also, Unspoken's cliffhanger... *glowers* Squee, I can hardly wait to read Boundless as well! Definitely one of my most anticipated books of the year!

    In regards to the covers, all of the ones you selected (Jasprit) are clasically gorgeous, and The Assassin's Curse is very original too. Rachel, I'm not a fan of kissy covers (oh, the shame to be seen reading one of those in public) but the cover for Finger Prints of You made me fall instantly in love with it. It's just so charming and eye capturing, and I'm desperate to purchase a copy of mine soon! Also, the cover for The Tragedy Paper is breath taking. :)

    Anyhow, I love this part 2 post! Sorry for my scattered, messy comment btw. ;)

  16. Oh Warner!!! *high fives* girls! :) I'm torn between him and Adam and I dunno what to do! Ah can't wait for the book two to come out :) I agree with public transport reading...sometimes I read when I have breaks at uni and I'm always careful what book I'm taking with me :) Great picks girls :) I loved most of these books ;)

  17. Loving these answers, too, ladies! Rach - I want to be friends with both girls from Lumatere!!

  18. I love Heather!! Hmm.. I haven't read the Fever series either but I've heard a LOT about it. I HEART the Kate Daniels series!

    Krazyyme @ Young Readers

  19. Fantastic answers, ladies! Jaspirit, every time you mentioned Divergent, my heart flipped. (I'm a bit obsessed... Okay, a lot obsessed... Okay, more obsessed than anyone could be obsessed.) I'm so glad you're a fan of the series! :D As for the covers, all of them are so gorgeous! I agree with you two about reading books with kissy covers in public... Kind of awkward. Haha. I am super excited for Boundless and Just One Day as well! Amazing post, you two. :)


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