Thursday, 3 March 2016

Monthly Recap: February

Hi everyone, it seems like ages since I last posted a monthly recap post, things have been crazy busy with work and being sick, since before Christmas I've been on and off sick with this cold, I hope it'll lay off for a while now. So here's what I've been up to!

What I've been up to.

My cousin had a baby girl, so I'm an auntie once again, if you've been following me on snapchat or Instagram, you'll probably find lots of baby photos of her, I honestly can't get enough of her, she's such a cutie, but also such a good baby!

With work being crazy busy, I so needed some time to myself, you know when you just want to stay home all day and binge watch Netflix? (Lately that's all I want to do, I even downloaded the app on my phone, so I can sneak in episodes of Once Upon a Time when I can, reading has seriously taken a back burner). But my lovely sister booked a spa day for me and my mum and it was exactly what I needed, the massage lady was amazing at getting all the tension out and then we just spent the rest of the day in the jacuzzi and swimming pool. We enjoyed it so much that were actually thinking of booking another one in the next few months.

I met up with the gorgeous Allie! We're trying to make our meet ups more regular, it feels like ages since we visited Harry Potter studio tours, but once again we had the fun and laughs that we usually do. We visited Bounce where of course our professional side totally came out (at one point we were playing across two tables), then totally went into a food coma by the food that we had there. Despite having chocolate brownies for lunch, we couldn't resist popping into Crumbs and Dollies for their gorgeous cupcakes! The rest of the day we spent traipsing around shops and being kids once again in Hamleys!


I also got to meet up with the lovely Donna, we spent the day visiting bookstores in Birmingham and then stuffing our faces in Coast to Coast! I wasn't able to attend the Pierce Brown signing in Birmingham a few days ago, but luckily they still had signed copies of his book in store, so I was able to grab one. 

And then randomly when I was sitting in the shopping centre, I saw Parminder Nagra (you may know her from Bend it Like Beckham and ER) walking past, I managed to build up the courage to approach her and get a photo taken. She was super lovely, as I could tell that she was tired, but still gave me a bit of her time.

What I've been watching. 

I'm so glad that How to Get Away with Murder is back on, that Winter break felt like the longest time ever! Things are once more crazy as ever, just when I thought things couldn't gets my worse, things decidedly do so. The cliffhangers are once again killing me, luckily I've got my friends, cousins and sister addicted to the show too, so love discussing it with them afterwards. 

I also finally made time for Once Upon a Time, friends have been hassling me about giving this show another go. I've just started with season 3 and I'm really enjoying it, I think the flashbacks part kind of take the enjoyment away from me for the show, but all the characters keep popping up that I just want to punch in the face. Also I've finally met Hook! Thank goodness Netflix has all the episodes up, so I can continue my binge watch! 

Music I've been listening to.


Mike Posner - I Took A Pill in Ibiza (SeeB Remix)

I loved Mike Posner when her first came out a few years ago with Cooler Than Me, but this song has got a much maturer vibe to it and I'm completely in love. Also it's working out to be the perfect workout song for me.

Sia - Chandelier 

I know this song has been out for ages, but I'm one of those people that becomes a fan of a song usually a long time after! Also I started watching The Voice UK and US and a lot of people seem to be singing this song, so it's made me fall in love with it all over again. 


I read 9 books in February which wasn't too bad for me, because of the funk that I was in, but there were some great books which I did enjoy: Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed and Stars Above by Marissa Meyer, the last story in that book just about killed me!

Three Books I'm looking forward to reading next month. 
(Click on Book for Goodreads link). 

Being the reading funk that I've been in, I've been asking out for recommendations and The Wrath & the Dawn and Rebel of the Sands are books which constantly kept being recommended, so fingers crossed these will be books that I will end up loving. Also I've heard nothing but praising reviews for Lord's latest release, so I'm really excited about getting into this one. 

I hope you all have a fabulous March! It's our four year blogoversary this month, so keep an eye out for giveaway coming up soon. 


  1. Sometimes when your immune system gets down, it takes a beating. WE went through that last year. Someone was sick at our house from August to May. Hope you are feeling better. Sounds like you have had some lovely outings.

  2. I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy some girl time with your mom and friend. I'm in need of it myself, but life is crazy around here. I actually can't stop reading. Even when I'm in a bad mood, I pick up a book. If it's not holding my attention, I pick up another until I find one that does. Hope one of your upcoming reads will get you back in the game!

  3. I hope you're feeling so much better now, Jas. I see you've also been bitten by the Netflix bug. Gah. I have the same affliction. Lol. Once Upon a Time is a series I should check out next!

    Happy reading and have a great March!

  4. Sorry you haven't been feeling well; hope you're doing better now, or WILL be doing better soon. That's great you got to meet up with Allie again. Sounds like it was a blast. I'm visiting London in September!!! I've never been to England and I'm so incredibly excited.

    You met Parminder Nagra?! I LOVE HER. That's awesome you worked up the nerve to say hello and that was she was very lovely. Always makes me smile when celebrities are at least friendly.


  5. Yay for awesome recap :) Thank you for sharing Jasprit. <3 Aw, I'm sorry you have been sick often :\ hope you'll feel better. <3 And yay for becoming an aunt again :) And yay for watching a lot of netflix, lol :) I hope you will love those books. <3 I liked Rebel of the Sands a lot :) Happy reading sweetie. <3

  6. You sound like you had such an eventful and fun month, Jasprit! You and Ali look so beautiful in that photo. I'm glad you two were able to meet up.
    And I loved Parminder Nagra in Bend it Like Beckham! How awesome that you met her. :)

    I liked Rebel of the Sands quite a bit so I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I will be reading When We Collided this month too. I hope it's good! :)

    Have a great March too!

  7. OhMyGod, HTGAWM is killing me! Can you believe we only have two more episodes left in the season? HOW WILL IT ALL END?

    But it sounds like you had an amazing February, Jasprit! I know you're going to love The Wrath and the Dawn when you read it because it's amazing and I'm so curious to see what you make of Lord's latest. I'm also glad to hear you finally met Hook! I don't even watch Once Upon a Time but Hook is attractive as hell! ;)

    Here's hoping your March is even more wonderful, Jasprit!

  8. "With work being crazy busy, I so needed some time to myself, you know when you just want to stay home all day and binge watch Netflix?"

    This is all I want out of life right now Jasprit. Work for me has been insane as well, and sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix sounds like the greatest vacation ever.

    And you met Parminder Nagra! How awesome is that! You guys are adorable.

    I hope you get a little more time to relax coming up:)

  9. Sorry to hear that you were in a reading slump Jasprit, but you still managed to read 9 books! That's pretty amazing -- I can't even manage to read that many in a month, and I'm not in a book slump :P

    So glad you enjoyed your spa day, sometimes you just need to take some time out for yourself. Everyone needs their me-time :D

    I haven't read The Wrath and the Dawn yet, but I've heard it's amazing! Hope you have a lovely March xx

  10. I relate so much to your comment that when you are crazy busy at work you want to relax at home. I hope you are feeling better and this cold will lie off. You still manage to read a lot of books in this month. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with Allie. It’s so great you can meet in real life. I hope your March is fabulous!


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