Sunday, 10 March 2019

February Monthly Recap

Image credit: Chibird

What I've been up to.

Hi everyone, sorry about the radio silence as of late, I just don't know where this last month has gone, I've either been super busy or sick, my immune system has just been so weak, that I tend to be catching everything and then don't have the time to rest either. But February has an eventful month nonetheless. 


I got to spend a weekend with one of my best friends Allie, with our busy schedules we of course have to plan way in advance, we managed to find a new show to binge watch and of course went on our usual food crawl, usually we're able to hit a lot of places, but this time around we did get to try out some great food, but were tired so quick! 

What I've been watching 

Allie had been telling me about this show and we ended up starting it on the weekend it was added to Netflix, let me just say I was addicted! I needed something refreshing and different and this was exactly it. 


I managed to read six books this month, and they were really a mixed bunch, I sadly only had one book which stood out for me and surprisingly it was the anthology below. Seriously it was super cute and one book I will definitely be highly recommending. 

(Click on title for Goodreads link)

What I plan to read

I hope March will be a better reading month, I started On The Come Up by Angie Thomas, which despite not being able to read as much as I want to, I'm really enjoying. I also have a buddy read planned with Nick, we're reading Meg Cabot's newest book Bridal Boot Camp, which I'm super excited about. And below are a few other books I plan to read in March. 

(Click on title for Goodreads link)

I'm also planning to watch Captain Marvel this week, for my sister's birthday, to be honest this film wasn't on my radar, (I've been eagerly anticipating Avengers Endgame and X-Men: Dark Phoenix), but everyone seems to have watched this over the weekend, so I'm really looking forward to it now. 

I hope you all have a great upcoming month!  


  1. That food looks delicious! And I've been hearing great things about The Umbrella Academy! I need to try it.

    I'm looking forward to Capt. Marvel too!

  2. Sounds like a fun month, though sorry you were sick a lot. I really hope to see Captain Marvel soon too, and I still need to watch The Umbrella Academy. I've always been curious about the graphic novels.


  3. That pizza looks delicious! Looks like you had fun with Allie. Captain Marvel is on my list too, but I'll probably wait until I can watch it at home. I definitely want to check out The Umbrella Academy! Glad to hear it's good! :)

    Hope you feel better, Jasprit! I hate it when I keep getting sick over and over again.

  4. Sorry you haven't felt well but glad you got to hang out with your friend! I started and finished Umbrella Academy as well and it really was fun, weird, but fun. I look forward to seeing season two.

  5. February really has been one of the worst months. I'm sorry you were ill as well, but I hope you are on the mend. I'm glad you got to see Allie, at least! That sounds like fun! :) That photo of you guys is lovely! And that pizza! *drools*
    I have my fingers crossed that you will like Nisha Sharma's book and also the Jenn Bennett! I enjoyed both of those very much.
    Have a good week ahead, Jasprit!

  6. Is that dude from Umbrella Academy Billy Bones from Black Sails!? Quiet a genre change lol. It looks like you had a great month!

    Emily @ Emily's Crammed Bookshelf

  7. I hope you feel better soon!
    I’ve been meaning to start The Umbrella Academy.

  8. Looks like we will be reading some of the same books. I should be getting to all except Curse. I hope we like them all.

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  10. Sorry you have been busy and sick. But yay for friends and food. I so want to watch the Umbrella Academy. Lots of good books coming up! Enjoy!

  11. you have an interesting line up of books this month I am really looking forward to them myself
    Enjoy the movie :D


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