Thursday, 8 November 2012

Battle of the Covers #2

Battle of the Covers is a new weekly meme featured every Thursday hosted at The Reclusive Reader. The primary purpose of this meme is to select two or more different cover(s) editions of the same book and compare them to see which you and I like best. Factors such as relevancy to the plot or premise, and of course, overall appeal and attractiveness of the cover will help determine which cover we prefer.

Hello there readers.  Both Jasprit and I are sucker for a pretty cover, so Leanne's meme is an indulgence we can't pass up!  For this edition we're featuring Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.  As you know I recently went to an author signing with them and they talked about all the countries this was published in, so I thought there must be a lot of covers out there, and boy, was there ever!  We're only going to feature four in this post, so scroll down below and feast your eyes on the pretties:  

   US Cover:
Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1)

German Cover:

Sixteen Moons - Eine Unsterbliche Liebe 

Serbian Cover:

Predivna stvorenja 

Bulgarian Cover:

Прелестни създания (Хроники на чародейците, #1)

Jasprit: All the covers seem to have a nice gothic type vibe going on. The Bulgarian cover is not one that I would pick up, it’s got a super creeptastic look going on that if I saw this cover in a bookstore I would immediately assume that it’s more of a horror read than a paranormal one. The Serbian cover I like a bit more, it has an eerie vibe about it, but I think the colour and images work really well together. Whereas the title and image on the German cover sort of makes me think I’m picking up a book about wolves, was Beautiful Creatures even about wolves? I can’t remember! I really like the US cover, it’s simple and the style and colour of the title blends in well with the image of the trees. The trees do make it seem like it’s a scary read, as you don’t seem to know where the path is taking you, but I sort of like this feeling it leaves you with.

Final verdict: My favourite has to be the US cover, it’s simple yet mysterious.

Rachel:  Well this was a tough choice.  I liked the script and creepy nature of the US cover but it was my least favorite of the four.  The German cover is nice, but it just doesn’t seem to fit the story to me. I can’t put my finger on why, maybe it’s the unnatural looking color of her eye.  I had a hard time choosing between the Serbian and the Bulgarian covers.  The Serbian cover ticked all the boxes with me: lush moss covered trees, old mansion in the background, and Lena and Ethan in each other’s arms.  It just gave me that feel of the deep South looking at it, which is where the book is set.  The Bulgarian was a close second with the moss covered gothic looking gate, and Lena standing in the middle.  It also gave off a deep South feeling to me.

Final Verdict: The Serbian cover. 

Well in this edition I guess Jasprit and I have differing opinions.  :)  I do agree with Jasprit about the German cover, it looks like a book about wolves somehow.  Funny that it would give off that vibe!

So, tell us, which cover would you choose as your favorite from this battle?


  1. I'd never seen any of these covers before (apart from the US cover, of course!) I think the Serbian cover is the winner for me, but they all look pretty good! I haven't read this series, but might try to check it out before the movie releases!

  2. Gosh, I'm so torn! I like the simplicity of the US Cover, but the German cover is gorgeous. I don't like the creepy feel of the Belgian cover, although I love the allure of the Serbian cover. Still, I think I'd pick up the German cover if I saw it in a store. Although I'd think the book was about wolves, it definitely attracts me more. Someone should write the perfect book to go with that's too beautiful to be wasted! Awesome edition of Battle of Covers, ladies! :)

    1. I agree, Keertana. The German cover is beautiful and shouldn't be wasted! :)

  3. Ack, I'm very torn as well! For me, it's down to the US cover and the Bulgarian cover. Both covers have that creepy feel going on, but the US one is a little more simplistic. I still think that I would go for the Bulgarian cover though!I feel like it conveys the story better. You both are right about the German cover though- I definitely get the werewolf vibe from that, and there are no werewolves in Beautiful Creatures! The Bulgarian cover gives off the creepy and Southern vibe most accurately, I think, and those two aspects are critical in the book, so I love how they're portrayed so well in the cover.

    Fantastic picks you two! I really love this feature. I love looking at all the different editions for the covers! =)

  4. Gosh, I love the serbian cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so beautiful and spooky. And so marvelously detailed. the trees, the shades of blue, the sparkling stars are all perfect! Glad you adored it too Rachel!
    I agree with you reasons for why the US is a good cover Jasprit. the gentle simplicity does create a good cover.

  5. I've never seen any of the other covers except the US one...the other 3 (non-US) look more MG to me rather than YA, and truthfully, I probably wouldn't pick them up! So, I'll have to go with the US cover :) Simple but eye-catching! :D

  6. I'm torn between the Bulgarian and Serbian covers - they're both so gorgeous and creepy. I think I might have to go with the Serbian, as I just love the colours, the trees, and the little sparkles!

  7. I LOVE the Bulgarian cover! Wow, so pretty :D

  8. Bulgarian Cover! I love the gate arc thing and it looks haunting. I haven't read this series yet. After see the movie stills... just want to read it asap.


  9. Ooooo I'm torn you guys! I love, love, LOVE the type treatment on the US cover, it's just so eye catching and I love when type becomes the main graphic rather than a photograph or illustration. I'm a bit of a type whore, I admit it. Image wise though, I'm with Rachel on the Serbian cover - love those trees!

  10. I like the Serbian cover best because of those trees. I think those trees that sort of loom over you, especially if there are some on both sides of the road and they make a tunnel of sorts, are the most beautiful thing in the world. Right after Chris Pine, of course. :D

  11. Ooh I didn't realise this book had so many different covers! I do like them all, but have to go for the US cover. It's simple and striking and the font is pretty memorable now. The German cover comes a close second for me!

  12. I love this series! The German cover is kind of creepy, I do like the U.S. cover but probably because I am used to it. I think I am with you Rachel in that the Serbian cover is my favorite!
    This meme is always so interesting!

  13. I like the Serbian cover but I wish the girl wasn't in it. I guess my ideal would be a mixture of the US and Serbian cover--I want the stars!

  14. Wow, what completely different, yet interesting covers. I have to say, I think I like the US cover the best. Fun post, ladies!

  15. WOW this is a difficult decision. I *think* I'm partial to the Serbian cover, however. The looming trees and stunning colour scheme is so eye capturing, although the US cover is utterly wicked and I LOVE the violet font for that one. :) Brilliant post as always, ladies! I'm so pleased to find fellow bloggers who share my infatuation of dissecting covers. ;)

  16. I think I like all excluding the Serbian one, the US one is simple and recognisable but the other two are mysterious!

  17. I haven't read the book, and I don't know what it's about, but I like the German and Bulgarian ones more. I see what you mean about the German one and wolves, but the raven and the green eye give this really gothic feel and beautiful creatures as a title kind of fits with a bird and a pretty girl.

    Then the Bulgarian cover looks really quirky and Gothic.

    I have to say my least favourite is the Serbian cover, it looks all fuzzy and the US cover is just a bit boring really.

    I'm probably one of the only people to say I like the German cover.

    Amazing to see how many different covers you can get though.

  18. I think I like the Bulgarian cover the best! I agree with those that say it conveys the story the best.

    My least favorite cover is the German cover. I don't like the eye and hair around her face.

  19. I like the US cover best! It's simple and I love the typography. The purple title also pops against the black background.


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