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Review: Charade by Nyrae Dawn

Charade (The Games Series, #1)

 Charade (The Games Series #1)
 Author: Nyrae Dawn
 Publisher: Self-published
 Publication date: October 22nd 2012
 My rating: 4.5 stars

Nineteen-year-old Cheyenne tries to portray the perfect life to mask the memories of her past. Walking in on her boyfriend with another woman her freshman year in college threatens that picture of perfection.

Twenty-one-year-old Colt never wanted college and never expected to amount to anything, but when his mom's dying wish is for him to get his degree, he has no choice but to pretend it's what he wants too.

Cheyenne needs a fake boyfriend to get back at her ex and Colt needs cash to take care of his mom, so they strike a deal that helps them both. But what if Cheyenne’s past isn’t what she thought? Soon they’re trading one charade for another—losing themselves in each other to forget about their pain. The more they play their game, the more it becomes the only thing they have that feels real.

Both Cheyenne and Colt know life is never easy, but neither of them expect the tragedy that threatens to end their charade and rip them apart forever.

Charade was not on my radar, but when I saw a ton of my Goodreads friends reading and loving it, I had to find out what all the commotion was about.  I’m so glad I decided to pick this up, because it was such a beautiful and emotional story!  This book made me cry, but I loved it anyhow!

Nineteen year-old Cheyenne, has just found out her boyfriend of two years, Gregory, is cheating on her.  She followed him to college and thought they’d be together forever.  To save face, Cheyenne falsely led Gregory to believe that someone else was interested in her, and now with him out of the way, she was going to go for it.  When she runs into Colt, and sees the animosity between Gregory and him, she approaches him to make a deal.  Pretend to be her boyfriend she’ll pay.  Cheyenne has created a careful façade of being strong and happy, and she needs to keep it up.  She doesn’t want people know she’s hurt or affected by Gregory, to see weakness in her.

Colt is a typical bad-boy, on the surface.  He’s strikingly handsome but with tattoos and attitude for days, he has an edge to him.  Underneath, he’s struggling to keep things together. His mother is dying of cancer and with her being a single parent, there’s no father to shoulder the weight or responsibility of her care.  He loves his mother.  She always put his well being first and is the reason he worked hard to get into college.  When Cheyenne first proposes her deal, he shrugs her off as a shallow princess only caring about what others think of her. 

Cheyenne has worked hard at keeping people at arm’s length, dealing with abandonment issues from her mother leaving her at a young age. Her thinking is if you don’t let them too close, they won’t have the power to hurt you.  At first, because she doesn’t really care what Colt thinks of her, she allows him to see her true self.  I think she realized Colt was someone who could understand her darkness, and wouldn’t judge her for it.  Cheyenne is completely opposite of the spoiled princess Colt thought she was at first.  He finds a kindred spirit in her and before you know it, these two have a connection neither was planning on.  I just loved these two broken souls trying to deal with their pasts and being there for each other. They were such an unlikely pair at first, but ended up perfect for each other. 

”I thought this was a game,” I remind him.  “Not anymore and you know it.  Everything else in my life is all f%*ked up.  This is the only thing that’s real.”  I gasp.  It’s what I want to hear.  What I need to hear.  What I feel in each of my scarred heartbeats.

Like I said in the outset, this story made me cry.  I lost my Mom when I was twenty-one and went through much of the same experience as Colt, so it was easy to feel his pain.  His relationship with his mom was so heartbreaking.  They didn’t have the best circumstances but love was the predominant quality between them.  I think that’s why he had so much to give to Cheyenne. 

Ms. Dawn’s writing found a way into my heart, it was poignant and felt real. This certainly won’t be the last story I pick up from her.  I’m officially a fan!

Favorite quote:
“This isn't a f&*king game anymore. No charades here. I don't know exactly what to call it, but whatever it is, it's ours. I'm going to latch onto it. And never let it go.--Colt


  1. This sounds like a really beautiful story about love. I haven't read any new adult novels by Nyrae Dawn yet, but this seems to be something I'd enjoy. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I love the quotes that you're sharing :)

  2. Wow, this certainly sounds like the tear-jerker! Not only does this one sound like an amazing New Adult, it sounds really heart-felt and emotional. I love how well the characters seem to fit together, I can't wait to read a book by Nyrae! Thanks for getting this book on my radar, Rachel! Fabulous review. <3

  3. Wow, fantastic review Rachel! You so fantastically conveyed the depth of this book, and I can seriously tell that this book affected you a lot.

    I have been looking for a good tear-jerker lately, and I think that I will pick this one up! While the cover isn't my thing, the story on the inside sounds really deep and emotional. It slightly reminds me of Pushing the Limits, and since I loved that book to pieces, I think I will enjoy this one as well! The characters and emotions seem so deep and real, that this seems like something I need to pick up.

    Fantastic review Rachel, as always! <3

  4. This is my type of book. I love the plot! And bad boys are my thing. Thanks for the amazing review Rachel. I shall put this on my reading list :)


  5. Charade sounds very lovely, Rachel! I love reading your New Adult reviews, they always make me want to read some New Adult books. :) And awww.... fake-relationship-becomes-real? I LOVE that kind of plot! <3 This seems like a very emotional read, and I'm loving it! :) The bad boy-good girl thing sounds fairly interesting as well. <3 I'll make sure to pick up this book when I'm in the need of New Adult fix. :)

    And hugsss for you! I'm sorry that this story made you cry. Books can get me very emotional too sometimes. *hugs* <3

  6. Oh Rachel, I want to HUG you. I'm very excited about reading Charade soon, your review has me even more so. Thank you, thank you for the beautiful review.

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  8. Oh I am really looking forward to reading this book now. The plot seems interesting. Fantastic review! :)

  9. Oh my Goodness! I'm in love with the book just by reading your review. Can't wait to actually read the story. Thanks!

  10. *stares at guys on cover*...*fans self*...
    *cough* Anyway, this sounds so good, Rachel! I love it when there's more to a guy than meets the eye. Also, it's awesome how there's so many new 'New Adult' books are out there now, isn't it? :)

  11. The guy is really I won't stare..huh the hell with it *sits beside Renu and stares*
    Back to the point, I really like the sound of it. I haven't heard of this book before, but right now I'm so curious! Thanks for the review! :)

  12. Great review Rachel, this sounds really good, kind of reminds me of the movie Can't Buy Me Love but with more depth.

    Sorry to hear that about your mom hun, that must have been very hard for you <3 *hugs*

  13. Oooh helloooo sexy! Ahem. I mean, that's a ... nice font on the cover.

    Anyhow, I'm really glad you were a fan of this book Rachel! I've been interested in reading an adult romance (for whatever reason - this isn't a genre I normally read, as you know) but I think I'll give it a shot. Fabulous review, hon!

  14. You know, as clichéd as that suffering bad-boy image is now, I can't help but fall for it every time. Also, Colt is one hell of a sexy name. ;) This isn't a book I've focused on much before but you make me want to pick it up. Brilliant review! :)

  15. *fans self* I may just have to take smelling salts into the bookstore with me these days because THAT COVER! *swoons*

    Anyway, beautiful review, Rachel! I wouldn't have heard of this one if it wasn't for you and although it does seem cliched, I love that you were able to form such a close bond with the characters. For me, that's of the utmost importance so straight onto my TBR pile this goes. Lovely review, dearest!

  16. I le all those self pubbed gems you are finding. I am not ready for another emotional read right now. I cried for three days while reading Letters in Cardboard Boxes. However I am putting this on the list because it sounds beautiful!

  17. Another one I want to read. There's so many new adult books out there lately that I never get chance to read! Your lucky hun! Lovely review. x

  18. A book that moves you to tears? This one has to be added to the list! Love the review, Rachel. Your love for the book really came through.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  19. Another one I just added to my TBR. This sounds amazing and I love those quotes. Thanks for sharing, Rachel! :)

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads

  20. Ohmygoodness, I have a feeling I'll be crying as well!(Luckily I don't have any upcoming exams so I can cry and become invested in the story as much as I want!) I'm definitely adding this to my TBR list :)Lovely review Rachel<3 I'm so glad you enjoyed this :)

  21. Wow, amazing review and I love the quotes! This one I'm adding to my wishlist.


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