Thursday, 18 October 2012

Battle of the covers #1

Battle of the Covers is a new weekly meme featured every Thursday hosted at The Reclusive Reader. The primary purpose of this meme is to select two or more different cover(s) editions of the same book and compare them to see which you and I like best. Factors such as relevancy to the plot or premise, and of course, overall appeal and attractiveness of the cover will help determine which cover we prefer.

Hey everyone welcome to our first battle of the covers post hosted by one of our favourite bloggers Leanne at The Reclusive Reader. Rachel and I love our books with gorgeous covers; it’s probably our biggest downfall. So we knew Leanne’s meme would be a perfect one to take part in! For our first battle we’ve chosen the first book in one of my all time favourite series; The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han.

                                     US                                             UK
                                   Spanish                                 Indonesian


Rachel: When Jasprit told me how many covers there were for The Summer I Turned Pretty I was surprised! I have a definite favorite that stands out in my opinion, though. 

I love the US cover. It looks like a photo you would take to remember a summer vacation. The girl looks innocent and sweet but the boys look a little mischievous, especially the one in the front! Yum!

The UK and Spanish covers with the flowers are sort of pretty but I feel like I’d be reading a ‘60s romp just by looking at them. If it were me, I’d put the script on the UK cover in with the flowers of the Spanish cover, I think I’d like it better then.

I’m sorry, but the Indonesian cover is just not my cup of tea. Why would you wear a crocheted beanie in the middle of summer? I just don’t know. 

Final verdict: The winner, in my opinion, is the US cover.  It seems to fit and capture the spirit of the story and I just like it! Can’t wait to see what Jasprit picks! 

Jasprit: I actually adore the US cover; I like how the cover has the sun sweeping in through the back. The blend of colours seem to go so well together and it gives off a summery sort of vibe. I also prefer covers with real models; it makes the book appear much more realistic, especially when it’s done so well as it is here. (Also I may be slightly biased by the super cute model).

I never really like the UK covers of books, I always seem to be attracted to covers which are harder to obtain. So you can probably guess I don’t really like the UK cover. I think the flowery effect would probably appeal to a younger audience, despite the book being for an older age group. Whereas despite the Spanish cover also having a flowery theme, I much prefer it to the UK cover. It has much more cute and fun feel about it. The Indonesian cover I have no idea what is going on here it looks kind of dull and doesn’t give a summery vibe off at all.

Final verdict: My favourite has to be the US cover. I think it does a much better job at capturing the essence of what the book is about.

We realised that the summer I Turned Pretty in fact has several different covers, we decided to focus on four for this battle, but you can check out on the others here; French, German, Danish, Dutch and Swedish.

So which cover would you choose as your favourite from this battle?


  1. The Spanish cover is cute -- I haven't seen it before. My absolute favourite covers for this series though are the US covers. To me they just say summer! :)

  2. Jasprit and Rachel - I have to agree, the US Cover wins. Not to mention I'm biased about the model too, but I think it connects more with the tone and title of the novel as well, so awesome pick! :D

  3. Yay, I love cover comparison memes! So glad you guys started it. I definitely agree with you guys, the US cover is by far my favorite. Haha, the Indonesian cover. :P MAKES NO SENSE. I can't wait to see more posts with this new meme! :)

  4. *Does happy dance* (Badly) Fantastic post, ladies!! I definitely have to agree with you two and even though I haven't read any of Jenny Hans' books before, the US cover is the best of the lot, reflecting on the summer romance/chick-lit theme with perfect precision. I love the models and sunlight in the background, too. :) Really great pick!

  5. I kind of like the flowery two the most:-/ I don't often like covers with real people on them because then I don't get to use my imagination about what the characters look like. It's like reading a book that's already been made into a TV show or something.

    I think it's funny that Jasprit always prefers the US covers because I almost always prefer the UK ones:) Maybe we live in the wrong places?

  6. I didn't know that there are actually so many covers of this book and that it was published to a lot of countries. I prefer the US cover from all too. It captures the right feel and what the book really is about. The Spanish cover looks really cute, the UK is okay, and the Indonesian kinda make no sense for me too. Great post, ladies. :)

  7. I actually really, really don't like the US cover. In fact, I hate most covers that have actually people on them. Because for me, that is NOT what Belly, Conrad or Jeremiah look like. I prefer the two flowery covers the most.

  8. Great post girls. Me and Jess do something similar because we love seeing all the different covers! I love the UK covers for this series though.

  9. I don't really like covers with people on, so the Spanish one is probably my fave. Oh dear, the Indonesian cover isn't very good at all!

  10. I like the US cover, but it's not my favourite. Like Maya, I prefer books covers without models on them... Or at least, I don't want to see their faces! :D I think my favourite is the Spanish cover. The UK cover is quite similar to it too. :)

  11. The US cover is my favorite, no comparison. It says "summer" and "love". The others say absolutely nothing to me, except for maybe the Indonesian cover, and it makes me say "A beanie in the summer?"

    Great job ladies! Super fun!

  12. I haven't read this book but my favourite of the covers is the Indonesian one :)

  13. This is such a fun feature, I love book covers! I'm with you guys, the US cover is definitely my favorite, though I do like the Spanish cover as well. It's got a graphic quality I tend to gravitate toward, and it's fun to see illustrated covers instead of just photographs. That being said though, the US one is still my choice:)

  14. Fun meme! I like the U.S. cover and the Indonesian one is just creepy I don't like it at all. The flowers are okay but lack imagination! Thanks for sharing!

  15. This is a really cool meme! I have to agree that the US cover fits the best. The Indonesian one doesn't feel summery at all really. If you like cover memes, then you should check out my new meme Cover Crush!

    Vyki @ On The Shelf

  16. The Spanish cover is super pretty! I think that's what would catch my eye!

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

  17. THE US COVER IS SO PRETTY! I thought it reflects the summer feeling of the book so well. The UK one is okay but I absolutely prefer the US cover out of all the different covers of The Summer I Turned Pretty ;)

    Can't wait for the next Battle of Covers ♥

  18. "Why would you wear a crocheted beanie in the middle of summer?" Hahahaha, Rachel! I usually don't like people on the covers because I like to mentally cast the characters myself, but I think the US cover is the best one still.

    Great meme, ladies! :)



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