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Review: Thief (Love Me with Lies #3) by Tarryn Fisher.

Thief (Love Me with Lies #3) by Tarryn Fisher.
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent 
Publication Date: 21st July 2013
My rating: 5 Stars.

*Contains some spoilers*

I was super anxious going into Thief, after everything my two favourite characters Caleb and Olivia had been through, the heartache, torment and destruction I needed their lives to get back on track, to be away from toxic characters that were hell bent on ruining their lives and finally live the life they were long overdue. 

Even though I had fallen in love with their love story since The Opportunist, I was a bit confused about how Fisher was going to make everything happen. One of the reasons this largely was because of Noah. Noah was a decent guy, and I really didn’t want Fisher to tarnish his character like what a lot of authors have done in the past, but at the end of the day Caleb and Olivia were meant to be! See how difficult of a predicament I found myself in? But I have to commend Fisher, I always knew some characters would end up getting hurt, but she really did play out the issues and situation the best way that she could. 

And oh my gosh I thought Olivia and Caleb had dealt with their fair share of things in the previous two books, but no it seemed the entire world was against them being together, if it wasn’t some sort of obstacle getting in the way, it was one of these characters trying to do the right thing. But I loved Caleb’s persistency and resolve to not give in, they’d already missed out on so much, by letting toxic characters get in the way with their lives, so I respected and admired Caleb’s resilience to go for what he wanted. Because Caleb and Olivia were meant to be! Their time together was once again off the charts, I loved how their love for each other just got stronger and stronger and that they just knew each other so well. They honestly had it all to deal with. 

Fisher once again swept me away with her beautiful yet heartbreaking story, I really didn’t think it was possible for my heart to break anymore, but my gosh, she thoroughly shredded it in Thief. But honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. I adore my books which pack a strong emotional punch and really make you experience all the hurt and turmoil the characters are going through, and Fisher was just on point with making me feel everything! 2016 has really being a rough reading year for me, but I’m hugely grateful that I was able to devour this fantastic series in a few days (the lack of sleep was totally worth it). I just know I’m going to struggle for the next few days to find something that can live up to these beautiful books!


  1. I LOVE Tarryn Fisher and Thief was my favourite in the Love Me With Lies series. So glad you enjoyed this Jasprit! :)

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts

  2. First, I'm really surprised that you're able to get behind a romance with what looks to be a love triangle from the beginning. I don't know if I can. Second, Taryn Fisher is one of those authors whose work thoroughly intimidate me! I feel like I'll be in a world of hurt without even reading the blurb of her books. But I'm glad your waiting and rooting for these characters was fruitful to say the least.

    Lovely review, Jas!

  3. Nereyda loved this series and she tried to get me to read it, but I never did! I'm glad that you were so hooked to it though, Jasprit. It sounds terrific all around despite the crazy love triangle! And it put you through a book hangover. I love and hate that!

  4. I know Rachel is a big fan of this series as are plenty of other bloggers. I have struggled so much with reading this year, I am so tempted to pick this up but I just don't know if I can do heartbreak. I will keep it in mind! Thanks!

  5. Great review Jasprit! I love this series so much and agree that Thief perfectly brings it all together. It is hard to get over this series, that is for sure, and why I re-read it so often! Olivia + Caleb = ♥

  6. Ahhhh!!! I am so glad you loved this one! When this released, I was in such an emotional tailspin that I immediately reread! This one puts you through the emotional wringer! Goodness! I agree with what Eva said - Olivia + Caleb = ♥

  7. Aah, I'm so glad you loved this series, Jasprit! I'm honestly a little surprised that a trilogy featuring a love triangle and a middle book narrated from the PoV of the antagonist held up so well, so I'm definitely more than a little curious to dive into this now! Wonderful review, dear--I'll have to see if I can squeeze these in before the year is over! ;)

  8. Ahhh this whole series was intense, I was so nervous reading this until the very last page. So glad you loved it!

    Nereyda│ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist


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