Thursday, 28 August 2014

Author Event Recap: Leigh Bardugo with Moira Young

Last week I was lucky to get the chance to attend the Leigh Bardugo and Moira Young event at Birmingham Waterstones High Street. High Street Waterstones have been having loads of great author events lately, I was lucky to meet Laini Taylor in May and now both Leigh Bardugo and Moira Young. 

The event was a question and answer session with both authors about their writing styles, problems they had experienced in the past and upcoming books. I was lucky again to attend this event with Jess from Jess Hearts Books and Rachel. 
Rachel, Jess and I being photobombed

Both authors were absolutely lovely ahd had a great sense of humour, there were many occasions where I was constantly laughing out loud. Here's a brief recap of the event.

Leigh Bardugo's new book will feature five different pov's

Leigh's series The Grisha Trilogy's has been sold to be made into a movie by Dreamworks and will be produced by the producer who made the film Gravity.

Moira Young has also sold rights for Blood Red Road to be made into a film and directed by Ridley Scott


Moira has a small critique group who has supported her. Moira likes to check back on what she has written on the day before. Sometimes she find description or detail of something that she has written before which she can use later on. Whereas Leigh doesn't like to look back at her previous days work.

Both authors were asked about death of characters in their books. 
Moira said she normally includes a death when it has a purpose or for a switch of momentum. 
Leigh always thinks whether death is the worse thing she could do to her characters. 
Moira's husband actually wrote a two page essay on why she shouldn't kill off one of her characters.

Leigh likes to revise her current read, whilst also writing her new book, whereas Moira only focuses on one book at a time.

When becoming a published author Moira did have a lot of good offers, but was waiting for the right person to come along. And then when she met her publishers to be she knew they were the right ones to sign up with. They also had a crow at the meeting too!

Leigh needs to know the name of her main characters before writing

Moira has been constantly writing since 2009 and said you need the occasional break to let you get back to it. 

Leigh is looking forward to reading Isla and the Happily Ever after and Sarah Rees Brennan new book.

Both authors were lovely enough to take time out to sign our piles of books. 


And take photos with us too!

There was also wonderful bookmarks, badges and postcards that we received from both authors. It was also a great pleasure meeting Nina from Indigo! I've been chatting with Nina through email and Twitter, so it was finally great to meet her in real life!


  1. Leigh's new book has 5 POVs? :-O If anyone can pull that off successfully, she can!

    So happy that you were able to attend this event, Jasprit. The photos on Instagram were great, but it's nice to see everything laid out here. You really have had a ton of fantastic YA events in the UK lately! Always enjoy reading about them in your event recaps. :)

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  2. Oh that's awesome that you got to go to this event, Jasprit. It sounds like it was so much fun.
    I have to admit that I'm a little worried about the 5 POVs in Leigh's new book, but hey, it's Leigh Bardugo, it's probably going to be awesome! :D
    I think it's funny that Moira's husband wrote an essay to tell her why she shouldn't kill off her characters! That is just too cute. :D
    I'm glad you had a lovely time, Jasprit! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Sounds like so much fun!! I can't wait for both series to become movies ;)

  4. Yes, I am sure killing off a character is just as traumatic for the author as it is the reader. I still need to read something by Moira and I have the final book in the Bardugo series to read. Looks like a terrific event.

  5. What a wonderful event and recap, Jasprit! You've been so fortunate lately with these events. I've heard so many great things about both books. I'm especially interested in trying Young's series. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Are ALL the books getting turned into movies?!?!?! I'll have no place to hide eventually! Anywayy OMG I had NO idea you went to this event! AND YOU MET LEIGH BARDUGO. Maybe you should read R&R now :DD

    I am curious as to what Leigh's new book is going to be.. I do hope it won't be a spin off of the Grisha trilogy .-. I want to see what else awaits us. Okay wait.. I think I heard something about her new series a while ago and I think it was set in the same world. Drat. Eh. I'll get used to it!

    Also LOL. I like the way Moira's husband thinks. Writing a two page essay as to why she shouldn't kill a character :DD And Leigh is just mean.. she wants to torture her characters AND her readers and we all love her anyway.

    I think if there is a crow at a meeting, you know you've found the right people to publish your book ;) (although aren't crows bad omens? Or was that ravens? I think it was ravens.. but crows too? I am confused).

    I can tell why Leigh is looking forward to reading Sarah's new book because THEY ARE BOTH EVIL *goes to cry in a corner* It's really funny (not) because I need to read Untold and I keep trying to soothe myself and say it'll be over soon and the last book is coming out in less than a month but I am STILL scared.

    Thank you for sharing this recap, hon and I am glad you got to meet the awesome authors and lovely blogging friends :)

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

  7. Such a fun day! Leigh was hilarious wasn't she? Really hope there is another cool event and I get to see you again before too long :)

  8. Aw, yay :D I love this post so much. <3 And I'm so jealous of you. I ADORE Leigh. She's awesome :D And I loved book one by Moira. <3 Love the pictures. Thank you so much for sharing :) But omg. FIVE point of views in The Dregs? CRIES. Hoping I will be able to invest and pay attention to them all..

  9. Thanks so much for this recap! I love hearing about Moira's husband writing that essay about why not to kill off a character. HA! So fun to hear these tidbits behind an author and their story.


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