Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Mini Review: One Mad Night by Julia London

One Mad Night a Novella by Julia London
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: January 6th 2015
My rating:  3 stars 
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A delightful new contemporary romance novella from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julia London.
One winter's night a blizzard sweeps across the country, demonstrating that fate can change the course of lives in an instant...and fate has got a sense of humor.
Chelsea Crawford and Ian Rafferty are high profile ad execs in cutthroat competition for a client. When a major winter storm puts New York City on lockdown, the two rivals have to make it through the night together-oh, the many ways in which opposites attract...

My Thoughts:
One Mad Night was a short romance filled with fun, snarky banter and a satisfying conclusion.

Chelsea and Ian are top ad executives pitted against each other to win a prime account.  The cutthroat nature of advertising makes it so they both are at odds, with the higher ups not necessarily leveling with either of them.  Without the competition inherent with their positions Chelsea and Ian would naturally be attracted, they have combustible chemistry, so when the “snowpocalypse” rains down on New York and they’re inadvertently stranded in the office their attraction ignites and it’s impossible for either one to resist the pull. As they get to know each other, the competition for their major account becomes more secondary to their developing feelings. 

Sometimes I want a short story, something I can read and enjoy without committing to a large page count. It’s tough to pull off a satisfying story in a short amount of pages, but I’ve read novellas that have blown me away.  One Mad Night was cute and started off really strong: funny snarky banter, great sexual chemistry. I really enjoyed the overall story.  It was a quick, fun read, but as with a lot of novellas some of the depth of feeling was a little lacking.  I did absolutely adore the way things ended; it was everything I could’ve wished for Ian and Chelsea!  



  1. Its disappointing to see that it had such great potential in the beginning but didn't follow-through to the end. It's frustrating when you start to enjoy it, especially in a contemporary romance. I agree, novellas or short stories are really hard to come by with a strong plotline. Great review, Rachel! :)

  2. I don't really like novellas, but this still sounds like fun. I love the whole rivals romance concept so I would like this I think. I'm glad you still enjoyed this, Rachel. Lovely review!

  3. I struggle with novellas because I always want more, that being said, this one seems like it delivers for the most part.

  4. I don't mind short stories either. Sometimes, stories with very little commitment is what I need. Sorry it didn't pan out for you, though. Sucks when that happens.

  5. I know what you mean when novellas sometimes fail to deliver on depth. I get so attached to the characters and suddenly it all wraps up and ends and it feels to quick, clean, and tied up with a bow. Glad you still enjoyed this one, though, Rachel. I'll be curious to see if you decide to continue with this author's work and how her full-length novels will compare. Wonderful mini-review, dear!(:

  6. I don't read novellas unless it's part of a series or of some sorts. It just seems too short for me that I tend to crave for more. But sometimes, reading huge books constantly tire me. I guess novellas could do the trick

  7. i'm glad that you enjoyed this one overall, rachel! yeah, it's hard to get a lot of depth in a novella, seeing as they're so short!

  8. Yay for fun, snarky banter Rachel! And I'm with you, sometimes I just want something quick and cute that I can read just for sheer entertainment. It doesn't need to blow me away with its literary brilliance, just bring a smile to my face instead:)

  9. This is why I am in two minds about novellas. I love how quickly you can get into a story but it always seems like just as it is gathering steam it's over. This one sounds like a fun read tho! I love the cover too.

  10. I haven't really read a lot of novellas. I'm sorry this one lacked some depth.

  11. I do love novellas! Sometimes they're the perfect palate cleansers. But I agree that it can be hard to develop the depth of relationship found in a full length story. Glad you enjoyed this one overall!


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