Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Monthly Recap: March.

Hi all, I hope you had a fabulous reading month in March! The books I read were so-so, with a few which stood out for me, but I did get to go to the Divergent premier in London! It was definitely my highlight of March. I shall have my recap post up soon. So here's what our month of March was like!

Number of Books read:
Jasprit: 8
Rachel: 16

Highest rating:
Jasprit: 5 stars
Rachel: 5 stars

Lowest rating:
Jasprit: 2 stars
Rachel: 2 stars

Books reviewed:
Jasprit: Graceling by Kristin Cashore
Fire by Kristin Cashore
Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott
Me Since You by Laura Wiess
Unsticky by Sarra Manning

Believe by Erin McCarthy
The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper
Archetype by M.D. Waters
Hope Ignites by Jaci Burton
Third Degree by Julie Cross
Carolina Man by Virginia Kantra
Spirited by Mary Behre

Best read of last month:
Jasprit: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers. Seriously this book, I remember reading several praising reviews for this book around its release date, but still not giving this book a go, but when I finally picked this book up with Siiri as a read-along, I finally realised what the fuss was all about. This book had everything that I was looking in a read. 

Archetype by M.D. Waters was just amazing and the sequel, Prototype was even better. I read it off a recommend from Lauren @Love is Not a Triangle and I just loved it! Lauren and I had many great discussions back and forth about this series! I can't recommend this dualogy enough!

Book which surprised me the most: 
Jasprit: Ask Again Later by Liz Czukas. How adorable was this book? I really went into this book with no expectations whatsoever, but ended up finishing it with a huge smile on my face! I adored the variety of characters that Czukas bought into this story and just loved the way she went out about writing this book, it was so different, but totally worked too! 

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. This surprised me, but not in a good way. In a very bad way. It was my two star book for the month and I think I was being generous. I liked the way it ended and that's the only reason it didn't get one star from me. Writing a book with cheating (emotional or physical) is a tricky undertaking, and it requires the author to make you understand and empathize with the cheater(s) even if you don't condone their actions. CoHo did not pull it off, IMO. This was such a disappointment because I've loved all her other stories.

Fictional crush of the month:
Jasprit: Gavriel Duval from Grave Mercy. Duval was just amazing, he was one of those characters that slowly grows on you, until you have a full blown crush and you just want him in every single scene. He was courageous, always thought of others and I adored the banter that he had with Ismae, I sure wouldn't mind Duval popping up whenever I found myself in a tight situation! 

Luke Fletcher from Carolina Man! HOT hunky marine? I'm so there. His love, concern and protective attitude towards his family and the heroine just made me swoon.*sigh* If I were looking for a man, he'd be the ideal!

Three books I'm most looking forward to this month:
Jasprit: I have three books on pre-order which I can't wait for them to be released, they are: Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor, What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick and To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. The conclusion to Taylor's series has been a long time coming, I've seen that some readers have already been able to grab early copies, I can't wait to go back to Taylor's gorgeous world once more! And I need some contemporary books in my life, ones that I know I will love, Fitzpatrick and Han haven't let me down with their books so far, so here's hoping we have another two fantastic set of books waiting for us!

I'm looking forward to reading The Art of Lainey by Paula Stokes, The Temptations of Anna Jacobs by Robyn DeHart, and It Happened One Wedding by Julie James. The Art of Lainey is the first YA I've really been excited for in a while. The reviews are promising. I just love Julie James' classy adult romances, so no-brainer there. Anna Jacobs is a historical/romance/mystery and I'm excited to read something different from my normal contemporary genre.

Bookish Photo:
This photo is from the ALA 2013 in Chicago. I (Rachel) got to meet one of my favorite authors: Tracey Garvis-Graves who wrote On the Island and she was sooo very nice! Btw, Covet, the book you see in the picture is an example of cheating (won't say whether it's emotional or physical) written well. Still managed to love all the characters throughout the story.


Readers Vote! 

And now to the fun bit where we want you guys to take part. Rachel and I have enormous tbr piles, so we've decided that each month we will let you decide what we need to read asap. Last month you picked Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers for me, which I absolutely loved! This poll will be open until the 6th of April! 


  1. Yayyyy for our readalong, Jas! I loved this book so much too :) Also, Rachel? Archetype is the top of my tbr now thanks to you and Lauren, so success ;) I can't wait to read Ask Again Later, it does sound so adorable. As for Maybe Someday, I'm sorry you were so disappointed by Maybe Someday. It seems like this is a book you will either love or hate :( I hope I'll be the loving kind with this one. DUVAL *grins* Great choice, Jasprit! Btw, I got the email that DoG&M was made available by the Little Brown so it should be there soon:) What I thought Was True--GAHHH!!!! I've been waiting for this pretty so bad and Huntley Fitzpatrick is one of my favorite YA authors so win-win I hope :D and everyone has had nothing short of amazing to say about To All the Boys I've Loved Before. As for Rachel's books, I don't know any of these, but a classy adult romance is a win in my book :) OHHH!!! Tracey? So glad you got to meet her :) a little jealous too ;) HAHAHAHA. Rachel, seriously. Is there any question on which book I'm voting for? :D lol

    1. I know Duval was absolutely divine! I can't wait to see what LaFevers has in store for us next! Also that was well quick for Dreams of Gods and Monsters, mine still says the 17th on Amazon :(

  2. YAYYYY FOR THE HUGE CRUSH ON DUVAL. He is just the best isn't he?? :') It took me a while to warm up to him and without me even realizing it, I kind of developed a full-blown crush on him. He is just so imperfectly perfect isn't he?? :)

    Also, Rachel, Gahhh, you're making me overly excited for Archetype!! I added it to my TBR list after reading your review but I still haven't had time to buy it .-. (or the money.. book buying ban has been implemented).

    I am really sorry to here about Maybe Someday. I am not a huge fan of the author and seeing that the issue is so tricky/sensitive I decided that it wouldn't be worth my time. :/

    Also, Jasprit, you need to force Rachel to read Shadows and fall in love with Rafa. :P
    She needs Shadows in her life :P

    I hope you guys have a great month full of more 5 star reads than anything else :D

    1. Thank you Rashika! I know we finally convinced Siiri, hopefully we can convince Rachel to give Shadows and Rafa a go too, I know she won't regret it! I know Duval was just the best *sigh*

  3. I haven't read Grave Mercy or Archetype. D: Both books are on my wishlist, though!

    Jasprit: Ask Again Later was super adorable! And I'm very excited for To All the Boys I've Loved Before! <3 I picked Second Chance Summer in the poll--such a beautiful tearjerker. ;')

    Rachel: I've been hearing so many good things about Maybe Someday! I totally need to read it. And I'm so stoked for The Art of Lainey! All the early reviews have been praise, basically. I picked Article 5 in the poll, mostly because I've been intending to read it and would love to hear your thoughts!

    It's been an awesome month for you guys and I hope April is just as awesome!

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

    1. I've really been in the mood for beautiful tearjerkers, so thanks for voting Aimee! You need to get to Grave Mercy asap! It was such a brilliant read.

  4. Some great reads in March! I'm excited to read Archetype - I started it last night!

  5. Looks like you two had a great month. Rachel, I'm so happy you loved Luke Fletcher! I swear, just wait until you meet Matt. Swoooon!
    I'm glad you had fun at the Divergent premiere, Jasprit. I bet that was very exciting!

  6. Jasprit, I'm so happy that you loved Grave Mercy and Ask Again Later! I loved both books and Gavriel is definitely book-boyfriend material! <3

    I already know how you felt about Maybe Someday, Rachel. I'm still very upset about it despite not having read the book. I think the hype also might have been a reason for my disappointment.

    I hope you guys next month is filled with awesome books! :)

  7. You guys did great this past month, Jasprit and Rachel! That's amazing you were able to go to the Divergent premiere, too!



    In that case let me just tell you that I've picked the following books:

    "In the Shadow of Blackbirds" - because it was an awesome read. I rated this book 5 stars myself and this made ghosts EXTRA CREEPY AND HAIR-STANDING-SCARY. I really suggest you read it (no, no, not that I want you to hide under your blankie or anything...)

    "Parasite" - I rated this one 4 stars because it was good and like the first book, CREEPY AS SHIT. Worms cannot get anymore disgusting as this. And really, the twist in the book made me go WTF.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 Yours truly,
    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

    1. Thanks for voting Faye, it looks like you might have your way as In the Shadow of Blackbirds seems to be winning so far!

  9. I need to read Grave Mercy Jasprit! NEED TO READ IT! I've heard nothing but amazing things, so I'm making it a goal this year to pick that series up.

    Rachel, I've been reading a ton of very mixed reviews for Maybe Someday, so I'm thinking that is not the Colleen Hoover book to start with. I'll go back to her earlier books I think:) Oh, and read Shadows by Paula Weston. I'm hoping to pick that one up soon as well, Lauren at Love is Not a Triangle raves about it so I'm excited!

  10. I've finally tackled Grave Mercy too, Jasprit!! :) Siiri somehow managed to make me read it and I'm so happy for it. You both have read amazing books and now I'm trying to vote and well Rachel all your picks are on my to-read list as well xD It's hard to choose. :)
    Great post, ladies :)

  11. DUVAL!!!! I'm just so glad you read Grave Mercy, Jasprit. Also, when I saw you had Second Chance Summer as one of your picks for this month, I instantly voted on that because it's MORGAN MATSON. And that books gave me all the emotions, my gosh. I can't wait to see what you think of To All the Boys because I JUST finished it!

    1. Did you love it? Did you? I know we've been twins lately with the books we've read lately, so I really really hope you loved Jenny Han's latest book. And Matson's book does sound absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Ohh! Jasprit! You must read In the Shadow of Blackbirds. <3 Such an AMAZING book :) Sigh. And Grace Mercy. I loved it so so much. So glad that you did too :) Sounds like you both had an awesome month. <3

  13. Yessssss I'm super excited for Dreams of Gods and Monsters! DoSaB is one of my all-time favorite series (I sort of can't believe it's ending ;_;). And I really liked The Art of Lainey. It has such a shippable ship and I loved the friendship in it!

    Also, you must read Dangerous Girls sometime, Jasprit :D Both Mel and I gave it 5 stars because holy crap it's amazing. I was completely freaking out, haha.

    Great recap <33

    1. Ahhh I haven't read a book that messes with your head in such a long time! So thanks for the heads up on Dangerous Girls!

  14. I can't wait for Gods and Monsters either. I am gnashing my teeth for it. I am sorry to hear about the Hoover book. I think I will skip it. I know Rachel you don't give out those low ratings lightly. I think you need to read In the Shadow of Blackbirds, Jasprit, that book was terrific!

  15. My mom read On the Island and really liked it. I think she would like Covet too then. That's great you met the author, Rachel!

    I would suggest reading Dangerous Girls and Parasite (loved the first and want to read the second).

  16. I voted for Jas to read Blackbirds ( I haven't read it but I hear good, good things), and for Rach to read Shadows (it's awesome and I think you'll like the romance ;))

    Jas, you're going to love Dreams of Gods and Monsters and I am enjoying Grave Mercy right now :)

    Rach, ALA must have been so much fun! I'll be in the USA right before the one in Vegas, but unforch I fly out from LA the day it starts *sob*

    1. Yay for enjoying Grave Mercy Mandee! I'll have my fingers crossed that I'll end up loving Dreams of Gods and Monsters!

  17. I do LURVE the whole Grave Mercy world and can't wait for the next installment! You were busy reviewers this month! And so many good books coming out in April and May...I need a couple of pure reading days.

  18. My March was really really slow. I hope I can recover in April, but you girls did a great job!

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  20. Oh no. I'm sad that Maybe Someday was a two-star read for you, Rachel. Chances are, I might not like it as well since we pretty much have the same tastes (relatively) in contemporary fiction.

    Anyway, wonderful March, ladies. I hope April will be just as great!

  21. Ooh, sad to hear about Maybe Someday. Curious as to what I'll think when I get to it eventually. And I still need to read Grave Mercy too! Must soon!


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