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Review: All You Need Is Love by Marie Force

All You Need is Love (Green Mountain #1)
All You Need Is Love (Green Mountain #1) by Marie Force
Publisher: Berkley
Publication date: February 4th 2014
My rating:  4.5 stars
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Hoping to take the magic of the island and move it to the mountains with the Abbot family, purveyors of the odd and hard to find relics of a time long gone by in small-town Vermont. Hope you'll come with me to the Green Mountains! Watch for the first book in the series in early 2014!

The family-run Green Mountain Country Store is cherished by locals as a reminder of simpler times. The Abbott children are determined to keep it that way—but their father has different plans…

When Cameron Murphy heads to Vermont to build a website for a new client, she imagines a more relaxing trip than she gets. After wrecking her car by colliding with the town moose, she meets the most handsome hero she’s ever seen. Unfortunately, her savior, Will Abbott, is also the son of her client—and he wants nothing to do with the new website or the city girl creating it.

For all Will cares, Cameron can march her fancy boots right out of town and out of his family’s business. But he can’t seem to get her out of his head. As his family’s dispute heats up, so does the chemistry between the two, leaving them wondering if simple is better after all—especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

My Thoughts:
All You Need Is Love is such a lovely small town romance.  It captured my heart and made me wish I lived in Vermont!   

Cameron is on her way into Butler, Vermont to pitch a website design to the Green Mountain Country Store at the request of Abbott family head Lincoln.  Unfortunately, none of his ten kids are on board with propelling the store into the modern times with online commerce.  They all believe the store is doing just fine the way things are.  Cam desperately needs to land this job in order for her company to survive, and is determined to give a great pitch. She never counted on falling in love with the quaint town, charming and family or Will Abbott.  Will Abbott is ruggedly handsome, supremely thoughtful and firmly entrenched in his life in Vermont, running the store with his family. Cam can’t resist this caring and sexy man but how can things ever work when she’s bona fide city girl?  Her business, friends and father are all in New York so Cam’s afraid to give into her intense attraction, fall hard and then go home nursing a broken heart.

Will has loved and lost a girl to the city before and isn’t eager to repeat that experience, but Cameron is too tempting to resist.  She’s so different from the spoiled city girl he thought she would be, and the fact that she sees the rare beauty of his close knit family and the business they’ve put their heart and soul in, touches him to the core. 

I adored this romance! I’ve read a few small town romances that were a little disappointing lately, but All You Need Is Love met my expectations completely.  A small, beautiful town I’d love to escape to with friendly faces, delightful and quirky secondary characters and a big loving family I want to be part of were just a few of the things that charmed me.  Will Abbott tops my list: he’s kind and chivalrous without even thinking about it, and loves his family fiercely.  No wonder Cameron was a goner!  Cameron was pretty wonderful as well.  I’m happy that Ms. Force didn’t write her as the typical snooty city girl who learns what’s important by coming to a small town.  Cameron already knew the importance of good friends and a supportive family even though she was definitely lacking in the family department.

I loved that Will and Cam didn’t let the obstacles they faced blank out the possibilities, rather they let love in and worked things out. 

“If you fall in love with me, Cameron Murphy, I’ll never let you go.”

Each was willing to make a sacrifice to make things work. And wow! Their romance was steamy! Lusty kisses and more made my pulse race!

All You Need Is Love is an “opposites attract” romance that is sure to capture and warm your heart. After you finish be sure to read the free short story with Will and Cameron you can find HERE.

Seeds for several different romances were planted.  Let’s face it, with ten Abbott children there’s a lot of potential, but Hannah Abbott and Nolan are up next in I Want to Hold Your Hand which I plan on devouring soon. 

The Green Mountain Series:
(Click on title for Goodreads link)

  All You Need is Love (Green Mountain #1)  I Want to Hold Your Hand (Green Mountain, #2)  I Saw Her Standing There (Green Mountain, #3)

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  1. I'm a big fan of small town romances and in fact, I remember reading one that reminds me so much of this, but I can't for the life of me remember the title or anything else about it.
    I'm so glad you liked the romance as much as you did. I'll add this to my tbr for sure.

  2. Love your review, Rachel! I just purchased this book because it sounds so good. Reminds me a little of Virgin River - and I loved that series. I have never read anything by this author - but I'm convinced now! Thanks for posting this - I'm looking forward to reading it!

  3. I do adore small town romances, too. WHERE IS THIS SMALL TOWN FILLED WITH HOT, ELIGIBLE MEN??? I think I'd be like Cameron and fall in absolute love. *adds to TBR*

    1. When you find it, Mary, take me with? Lol! Not sure my husband would approve, but I'd love to "observe" ;)

  4. I love reading this small town romances in between heavy reads, Rachel. And this uses one of my favorite trope, opposites attract, and the couple sound like they have great chemistry together. I'm so glad you loved this one, Rachel. Lovely review.

  5. Rachel! I am so, so excited that you loved AYNiL! I agree, Will is the very best kind of hero, and if I were Cameron, I wouldn't have even held out that long! I just finished book two, and was happy to revisit W&C.
    Great review!

  6. Thank you so much Rachel! I'm so glad you loved All You Need Is Love! Thank you for the lovely review! Hope you enjoy Hannah and Nolan just as much. :-)

    1. My pleasure, Marie! Thank you for such lovely story and I can't wait to dive into Hannah's story. :)

  7. Ahh this sounds fantastic. I love a good solid small town romance, and my last one was a bit of a disappointment as well. I will look this one up!

  8. Wonderful to hear that it lived up to small town romance expectations especially when others lately haven't

  9. I love these types of small town romances, Rachel, and have been looking for one ever since exhausting some of my favorite Jill Shalvis Lucky Harbor books. I'll be adding this to the TBR at once and hopefully the rest of this author's work too! Fantastic review, dear. :)

  10. Yay! for a good Vermont romance. That state is so lovely. I love the opposites attract/city girl, country boy type story. I also like this sentence: "I loved that Will and Cam didn’t let the obstacles they faced blank out the possibilities, rather they let love in and worked things out. " Thank goodness for that. This sounds like a story I'd like. I just can't keep up with all your romances, Rachel! My TBR is growing exponentially.


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