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Short & Tweetish Reviews #4: Romancing the Duke & The 9th Girl

 Audiobooks are an integral part of my life.  It's how I stay sane with a long commute to work. They also make chores and cooking more fun. Lately, I've been "reading" a lot but not reviewing much because I've been having a hard time putting my thoughts together for reviews.  Short & Tweetish Reviews (There's no way I can keep it to 140 characters!) is a way to share without so much pressure. This style of reviewing was introduced to me by Mary@The Book Swarm  and Karen's @For What It's Worth.

Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare
Publisher: Harper Audio
Publication date: January 28th 2014
Length: 8 hrs and 59 min
Narrator: Carmen Rose
My rating:  5 stars 
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My Thoughts: 

So utterly delicious! The writing was beautiful, and wickedly sensual! Izzy was a thoroughly likable and determined heroine who wanted her own HEA after being immortalized as an innocent child in her father’s beloved writings.  Ransom was the devilish, bad-tempered, scarred rake with a tender heart underneath all the rough and gruff.  At first he wants to drive Izzy away by being rude, suggestive, and shocking.  Little does he know that Izzy has dreamed of being debauched!

The banter between Izzy and Ransom was so delightful and naughty, but the two ended up with more emotions shared between them than just passion.  *sigh*

The narration was sheer perfection! Carmen Rose definitely propelled this truly fun story into brilliance! I’m pleased that the next book in the Castles Ever After series is also narrated by her. Yay!

The 9th Girl by Tami Hoag
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication date: June 8th 2013
Length: 13 hrs and 11 min
Narrator: David Colacci
My rating:  4 stars 
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My Thoughts: 
Disturbing and chilling and that wasn't even the serial killer part...

Liska and Kovac are teamed up on another case. The grisly murder of a teenage girl just might be the same girl who went missing from Liska’s son’s school.  This could be another victim of a serial killer they’ve encountered in the past, Doc Holliday, but Liska and Kovac are not ones to overlook other solutions.

There’s not much romance except between Liska’s teenage son, an artistic outcast happy in his own skin (loved him!!), and a girl who has compromised her values somewhat to blend with the “in crowd”.

A cop procedural type mystery that took me a little to get in to, but fiercely grabbed my attention about a quarter ways through! The narrator did well with the male voices, but his female ones were a bit lacking.


  1. I love Tessa Dare's Romancing the Duke so much, so I'm ecstatic that you loved it too, Rachel. Ransom and Izzy were so adorable together. I can't wait to read your thoughts on the next one. :)

    I've read a few Tami Hoag in the past. This sounds like an engaging murder mystery. I need to read some adult murder mysteries because YA thrillers don't do it for me.

    Wonderful reviews, Rachel!

  2. Romancing the Duke! YES! I loved that one too Rachel, I've haven't a Tessa Dare book I haven't liked yet. She writes such great characters and even better banter. I'll have to recommend the 9th Girl to my sister in law, it's right up her alley:)

  3. I haven't read either of these before but I think I would really enjoy them. I really must try an audiobook soon. Great mini reviews! :)

  4. I LOVED ROMANCING THE DUKE! The Castles Ever After series is really, really good. the next book in this series is stunning, but the third book - When A Scot Ties the Knot? I just read it yesterday and OMG. My favorite HR of the year so far. And my favorite Tessa Dare book. So. So. Good. Gah! *happy sigh*

    Excellent mini reviews!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  5. Romancing the Duke is one of my favorite historicals! It's just so much fun, and romantic, and banter-filled, and *siiiiiigh* I'm so excited for Castles Ever After!
    Lovely review, Rachel!

  6. The first one sounds like a lot of fun, but it's the second I feel drawn towards more :) Both reviews are lovely, Rachel, thank you :)

  7. Thanks for sharing! sometimes it's hard to write a really long review. The 9th Girl sounds really good.

  8. Great reviews! I'm really interested in picking up Romancing The Duke! Love the cover to both of these books as well! Happy reading!

  9. Yay :D Stunning reviews Rachel. <3 So glad you mostly loved both these books. They aren't for me, but they do sound pretty awesome :) Yay for posting a bunch of short reviews. <3 You are awesome.

  10. Romancing the Duke is on my TBR. I am glad that you liked the audio version. I may read it for Coyer.

  11. Romancing the Duke was SO GOOD and I adored its sequel even more, if I'm being honest. Tessa Dare doesn't always work for me but she's always a pleasant surprise when she does. LOVE these reviews, Rachel--short and sweet but oh-so-helpful! :)

  12. Romancing the Duke sounds so much fun, especially with the banter between the MCs. That always adds to some sheer fun in a book. The 9th Girl also sounds very intriguing. I'm glad you liked both the reads. Thank you for the lovely reviews!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  13. I think Romancing the Duke sounds like a delicious read. The second intrigues me as well. I love a good cop thriller as long as it doesn't get too gristly.

  14. Their banter sounds really good to read in this one

  15. I'm hesitant to pick up The 9th Girl as it seemed too grisly for me, but Romancing the Duke may just be the perfect summer read! :)


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