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Review: The Third Victim by Lisa Gardner

The Third Victim (Quincy & Rainie #2) by Lisa Gardner
Publisher: Bantam
Publication date: January 30th 2001
My rating: 4 stars 
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The past isn't over....

An unspeakable act has ripped apart the idyllic town of Bakersville, Oregon, and its once-peaceful residents are demanding quick justice. But though a boy has confessed to the horrific crime, evidence shows he may not be guilty.

Officer Rainie Conner, leading her first homicide investigation, stands at the center of the controversy. It's hitting too close to home, bringing back her worst nightmares, threatening to expose her secret sins. But with the boy's life at stake, she won't let anything stop her from finding the real killer.

With the help of FBI profiler Pierce Quincy, Rainie comes closer to a deadly truth than she can imagine. Because out there in the shadows a man watches her and plots his next move. He knows her secrets. He kills for sport. He's already brought death to Bakersville and forever shattered the community. But what he has really come for is Rainie -- and he won't leave until he has destroyed her....

My Thoughts:

I think this is my 5th re-read. I've been a fan of Lisa Gardner for years and this book is the first book Quincy and Rainie appear together. Rainie is a small-town cop, and Quincy is an FBI Profiler drawn to her town when a school shooting happens.

The little town of Bakersville, Oregon is a town where everyone knows everyone and neighbors look out for one another. Not a place where you'd expect a school shooting. But three are dead, and it appears a thirteen-year old Bakersville boy did the deed. Quincy and Rainie discover the shooting isn't as cut and dry as it first appears and the key seems to be with the third victim, the pretty computer science teacher, Miss Avalon.

Rainie is a complex character, a Bakerville native with a colorful past the locals have gossiped and theorized about for years. What really happened fourteen years ago? As Quincy finds himself drawn to Rainie more and more, he pushes for answers. But Quincy has his own personal troubles.

The main murder mystery is solved, but a few things are left in up in the air with Rainie and Quincy. Their story continues in The Next Accident.

As far as the audio version goes, C.J. Critt sounded too old for the voice of Rainie and her performance of Quincy did not give the impression of a smart, sophisticated FBI Profiler. Her performance didn't turn me off of the story, probably because I've read it so many times before, but I wouldn't recommend it.

I do completely recommend the Quincy & Rainie series! Love the mysteries and their developing relationship! If you haven't read a Lisa Gardner book before The Third Victim is a perfect place to start.  

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  1. Okay, okay. I need to read this. You convinced me especially with the Oregon setting.

  2. Anytime you re-read a book warrants a look-see. So I'm adding this series to my TBR. :)

  3. I do like a good mystery. Thanks for sharing! This one sounds really good, and books that deal with school shootings are automatically intriguing to me.

  4. Ohhhhh, you're doing a reread! That's cool! I'd not heard of this author or her books before. It must be great, if this is your fifth reread! I'm glad the mystery does not disappoint and there is subtle development of romance. ;)

    Great review, Rachel!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  5. Good to know this isn't a hit on audio! So many times I pick up a novel in audio format and completely write off the story as a result, but I really want to give this author a try so good to know that a regular copy is the way to go. Wonderful review, Rachel!! :)

  6. Ohhh :D You have read this one five times already? That is awesome :D Gorgeous review Rachel. <3 So glad you love this book so much :)


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