Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Readers Den Weekly Wrap Up!

Hi everyone, with Rachel and I's crazy work schedules, we miss sharing whats going on with us. We used to have a lot of fun with our Showcase Sunday posts, so thought we'd do something regular on the blog, where we share bookish news and life news in general as a weekly recap!




I really was in the mood for more Bracken, it had been such a long time since I read one of her books, but I just couldn't get into Passenger, so I decided to start with Traitor to the Throne instead. 

I just reviewed one book on the blog this week and it really was fun getting back to Kenneally's Hundred Oak's series. 


Both By Your Side and The Lover's Dictionary were three star reads for me.


The Next Accident
My Lady Jane

The Next Accident is third book in the Quincy & Rainie series by Lisa Gardner. It was a re-read by audio book and I forgot how brilliant the story/mystery was! I'll be reading Right Behind You next the latest installment to release on 1/31/17, so I wanted to refresh my memory. My Lady Jane was hilarious and sooo good! The audio version was so much fun! I like this version of "history" much better than what actually happened! 





Nick once again has contributed to my tbr pile, I saw her rating of Pretty Face this week and knew I had to get a copy! And my run with audiobooks continues with The Player and Act Like It, I normally don't listen to audiobooks with English accents, but  this is the first time I'm trying them.


Pretty Face Right Behind You (Quincy & Rainie, #7) The Perfect Stranger
Silence Fallen (Mercy Thompson, #10) A Crown of Bitter Orange (La Vie en Roses, #3)

I'm really excited for Pretty Face since I loved Act Like It so much.  Right Behind You is the latest Quincy & Rainie by Lisa Gardner. We haven't had a book with this couple for years and they're my favorite couple written by Lisa Gardner! I requested The Perfect Stranger after seeing high praise by a couple of friends. I'm thrilled to get the latest Mercy Thompson installment, Silence Fallen! And of course I was over the moon to get the latest Laura Florand book, A Crown of Bitter Orange!



Act Like It and The Player were actually books that I added to my tbr this week, but of course a book rarely stays there long before I end up getting myself a copy! 


The Bird and the Sword Fractured (Will Trent, #2)

I've been dying to read The Bird and the Sword for so long, and I'm reading by audio version which is really good. Almost done. I read Triptych by Karin Slaughter, the first in the Will Trent series, a couple of weeks ago, and so I bought the second book, Fractured. I'm reading by audio version with this one as well. 



I ended up quite a few box sets for Christmas, but of course I decided to go with my re-watch of Ugly Betty, this show honestly is so good. I'm also finally caught up with How to Get Away with Murder, the ending just before the Winter break was just horrific! 


I know Doc Martin is from 2004 but this series is new to me. I've been watching the episodes through Netflix. Martin is socially inept, but brilliant as a doctor. Love seeing him navigate the relationships in the small town of Portwenn. Of course there's a romance, too! Interstellar seemed to be a hit with many and the movie started off strong, but the middle/end fizzled out for me. 



It snowed here this week (even though it only lasted like a few hours), they'd been predicting snow for a few days now and we strangely only got it in our area. I just wished we'd got a lot more of it, or actually around Christmas!

I still haven't hit the gym or class this year, I know an epic fail on my part, but I did come down with the viral bug last week and honestly it took me ages to recover until I felt like I had enough energy, even to do things like go on my phone, even concentrating too long made me nauseous. So this Monday I will be hopefully be back at it with Circuits class!


I just got back from a Sonoma, California trip last week. It rained a ton up there before we got there, and it did rain the first day, but it was sunny with some clouds after.  The area was beautiful and we drank a lot of good wine! Sadly, I didn't take many pictures this time.

How was your week? 


  1. Jasprit:
    I couldn't get into Passenger either and it sounded right up my alley, so I was really bummed.
    LOL! I'm glad my rating convinced you to get Pretty Face. It's a really really good romance and I have a feeling you'll enjoy it. I hope you do! Act Like It is great too, but Pretty Face is my favorite.

    Rachel, I loved The Bird and the Sword! It was such a pleasant surprise. I'm glad you're enjoying the audio. I can't wait to see what you think of Pretty Face. Since you liked Act Like It, I have no doubts you'll enjoy it as well. :)

    I hope you guys enjoy your week ahead! Happy reading! :)

  2. Hahaha! Oh, I know how Nick and Nereyda can be persuasive but they haven't led me astray. So I'm sure you'll both enjoy Nick's latest recommendation. Enjoy!

    Happy reading, ladies and it's great to see you, Rachel. :)

  3. Jasprit, I am so excited to see what you make of Traitor to the Throne! I hope it's good!!! And I cannot wait for you to discover Lucy Parker. I just LOVE her books!

    Rachel, so excited to see Amy Harmon, Lucy Parker, Laura Florand, and Patricia Briggs on your list this week! Aaahhh, all my favorite authors! I'm really curious to see what you make of them, but I'm thrilled you enjoyed My Lady Jane--it was such an unexpected gem for me.

    Wonderful post, ladies, and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

  4. Awesome haul of books. I hope you love all of your new books.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  5. I've been thinking Traitor to the Throne needs to go on my TBR and I was actually just looking at My Lady Jane on audio last week! I FINALLY got around to starting Rosemary and Rue, the October Daye series. Next UF series is definitely going to be Briggs. Happy reading, you two!

  6. Hiii, it's been a long time. I know a crazy week at work too. I haven't read anything here. Although I am partial to reading the Revel of Sands, first one to Traitor to the Throne. Not sure if it's my sort of thing, but the covers are always gorgeous. Hope you two are both well. :)

  7. Sounds like a lovely trip, Rachel. Is Megan Miranda's The Perfect Stranger the sequel to All the Missing Girls? Not sure, but I DO need to read All the Missing Girls.

    Jasprit: I could really use some snow! It's been mostly around me, and I want one nice snow before winter ends!


  8. Ack, I keep trying to comment, but it doesn't seem to be going through!! I was trying to say, your blog looks awesome, and those are some great titles! <3 -

  9. Eee, awesome recap girls :D So glad you both seem to be doing good. <3 Hugs. And yay for reading so many awesome books :D I loved My Lady Jane. <3 And The Perfect Stranger :) Happy reading. <3


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