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Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

  Title: Divergent
  Author: Veronica Roth
  Publisher: Harper Collins
  Publication Date: 3rd May 2011
  My rating: 5 stars
  Reviewed by: Jasprit


I’m actually so annoyed with myself right now; I have this annoying habit of buying books as soon as they’re released but not reading them until ages afterwards. When I saw all the excitement over Insurgent I knew I had to get my butt into gear and get down to reading Divergent. Now I have finished I don’t know if it’s a good thing that I waited so long to read it as the release of the Insurgent is only around the corner or I should go and hide behind a rock somewhere because I took so long to read it in the first place. One of the reasons it took me so long to pick up this book was because of my relationship with dystopians hasn’t been that great. I always had hope in the back of my mind that there would be one dystopian at least that would literally knock my socks off; I am pleased to say that Divergent is that book.

Beatrice (Tris) lives in a factioned society consisting of; Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, Candor, and Erudite. Beatrice has been brought up in the faction of Abnegation who value selflessness. At the age of 16 every individual has to go through a choosing ceremony which leads them to their final faction that they belong with. But before the choosing ceremony they take aptitude tests, these help determine their factions. Beatrice’s aptitude test doesn’t go according to plan, it comes up inconclusive leaving Beatrice to have to make one of the hardest decisions in her life; remain with Abnegation for the rest of her life as her family expect her too? Or break free and choose a different faction entirely?

However despite choosing a faction, this doesn’t guarantee you a place in the faction, such as with Dauntless, you have to go through a series of initiations and failure to make it to the top ten means you ended up factionless.

The training they initially had to do for their factions reminded me a lot The Hunger Games, how everyone would be ranked, how everyone expected Tris to be weak and pathetic just because she was the only one to come from Abnegation. I loved Tris how she showed she could “man up” and be kick ass like everyone else, after the first few fights I couldn’t wait for her to pummel people such as Drew, Molly and Peter. Heck if I was there I would have pummelled them too! I especially liked the courage she displayed and the way she grew as a character from someone, who didn’t talk back to her parents, did what she was told to someone who fought back, got tattoos and slapped their trainers!

Four gosh where do I begin with this fine specimen? At times he had me confused the way he kept taunting Tris or would abruptly snap, but mostly he just made me swoon, I’m sure if I was ever in Tris’ shoes I would be in a blubbering mess. The romance in this book just made me melt; the sweet slow build up, the quick pecks, the hesitancy and fragility about them; afraid to touch one another because of the way Tris was brought up in Abnegation. To finally comforting one another and the lingering kisses *sigh*

I adored the friendship between Christina, Will and Tris, and the banter between the dauntless initiates. At times I wished I was there (I would probably never make it through initiation as I would fail miserably) but when everyone was together messing around I would have loved to have been part of the group. I had so many favourite scenes from this book, if I were to name them all; my review would probably turn into a full blown essay. So I’ll just try to naming a few, flag catching, training at throwing knives, going into Four’s fear landscape, I’m not going to lie basically all the scenes with Four were my favourites.

Reading Divergent was a thrilling ride; it was an enthralling read that I was constantly on the edge of my seat, it also was a book which broke my heart. I’m glad I finally read this unforgettable book; it will remain as one of my favourites for a long time.                  


  1. Jasprit, I loved reading this review <3 I have more reason to hide behind a rock: I wasn't even aware of Divergent before I started blogging so I'm glad I recently won a copy in a giveaway!

    I like the sound of Tris - she seems like a strong female lead character and I can't wait to 'get to know' her and join her on her adventures. Four sounds really sweet and I can't wait to read about their relationship - it sounds super cute!!!

    Thanks again for the review, you've encouraged me to read it ASAP :D

  2. Amazing review, Jasprit! I'm so glad you loved this as much as I did! You know what, I think most of my favourite scenes were those with Four in them too. ;) Like you mentioned, he really is a fine specimen. And after reading Insurgent, I'm feeling hopeful that book 3 will rock our socks off too. ;)

  3. Jasprit, it's really great that you ended up loving this book.
    I thought it was amazing too. I, actually, read it before I read The Hunger Games and it was my first foray into dystopia. I have to agree with you though, not many dystopian books are great.
    I loved when you mentioned that Four is a "fine specimen". It's totally adorable. :)
    Great review, Jasprit. I hope you get to the second book soon. :)

  4. After reading your review, I'm really glad I bought the book (yeah, I bought it just last week). :) Great review!

  5. Heck if I was there I would have pummelled them too!
    Tsk, tsk, how can a vanilla queen be so violent? :D

    I am reading Insurgent right now, and even though it has no objective flaws, it just isn't going well for me. I didn't like Divergent nearly as much as you did, though, so you'll probably like this too.
    I agree with you about the Tris-Christina-Will friendship, I enjoyed that part a lot too.
    Wonderful review as always, Jasprit! I hope you'll read Insurgent too soon.

    1. Hahah I think I've let my non-vanilla slip out a little in this review, but ugh they just made me so mad! I actually devoured Insurgent soon after this although I didn't enjoy it as much as Divergent! I hope it picks up for you! :)

  6. Jasprit! Your review makes me want to read Divergent all over again! I love Four and his scenes! I still haven't read Insurgent, mostly because I am busy with exams.
    I just love how relaxing it is to read why you love Divergent!
    I love Christina, Will, and Tris friendship too. Christina is my favorite character!
    I hope you enjoy Insurgent!

  7. I really liked Tris and the person she became too and I also swooned over Four :) Like you I only read this recently and it was great to be able to pick up Insurgent almost straight away. Now it's just a wait for number 3...Awesome review

  8. ...fine specimen... HAHAHAHAHA! As soon as I got to that part of your review, I immediately had this huge smile on my face while chanting, "YES YES YES!" I think Four is one of my favourite book boys of all time, and I'd definitely be a blubbering mess around him too -- even though that would probably turn him off since he likes awesomely strong types like Tris instead of fangirly types like Mimi LOL... :')

    I love your amazing review, J, and I'm SO glad that you loved this book too! Veronica Roth just knows how to rock the world with her storytelling, as with you and you reviewing! ;) <3

    1. Aww thanks Mimi you're so sweet! We can fan girl over Four together because I'm sure I won't be able to form a coherant sentence whilst I'm around him ;)

  9. I'm so glad that you finally read this and loved it! I remember starting it last year and knowing that I was going to love it, it really is a fantastic story! Great review, hun!

  10. Awesome review, Jasprit!! SO glad you loved this one as much as I did!! And OMG Four. Damn...isnt he just so fine?? :D fantabulous review!! I couldn't think straight for like the whole next week after I read this book! :') it's one of my favourite Dystopians EVER. Can't wait to see what you think of Insurgent. And I'm so friggin excited for the third (and last) book!! I'm kinda dreading it though because I don't want this to end!! :( anyway... I just discovered your fab blog, so I look forward to getting to know you!! :) it was really nice meeting you! <3

    1. Oh my gosh I don't want this fantastic series to end either! It's going to be so hard letting go even though I just discovered it recently! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  11. yeah! I can finally leave a comment again! Oh the button looks great everyone is picking the eyes. I liked the candles. Ok on to the review. This was one of my favs of 2011 but it took me until September to read it and I dragged my feet and loved it. It was so thrilling and a heart pounding page turner plus it made me think....I could never just fit into one faction. I know I rambled about that in my review of Insurgant. That book was a bit of a disappointment for me. I will be interested to see how you view it!

  12. I know what you mean about dystopians! I have powered through loads of them but can only name like two that I actually LIKED! I'm glad you loved Divergent, Jasprit- I recently re-read it and adored it the second time around!

    Haven't gotten to Insurgent yet. The ridiculous hype and contests and stuff kind of made me sick of it before I even got it, haha. But I'll read it this week for sure!

    Great review :D

  13. Great review! I've been drowned in good reviews about this series and still i haven't gotten my hands on either books. shameless.

  14. haha I felt the same!! I've waited 2 months or so, to start reading it! And after finishing it, I felt so stupid for not reading it sooner :P :P I really liked this book! Loved even! Can't wait to read Insurgent - waiting for my exams to pass! :) Beautiful review! ;) :)


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