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Review: The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines

The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys, #2) 

  Title: The Vincent Brothers
  Author: Abbi Glines
  Publisher: Self-Published
  Publication date: June 3rd 2012
  My rating: 5 stars



Sawyer has always been the one for Lana. Ever since they were childhood playmates, it was always Sawyer and Lana against Beau and Ash.  When Beau and Ash would torment her, Sawyer would come to Lana's rescue.  She's nursed a long-time crush and had to watch Ash and Sawyer together for three years, knowing Ash didn't fully appreciate him.  Sawyer's always been the right Vincent Boy in her mind.  Now that things are over between Ash and Sawyer, Lana visits, hoping to finally catch Sawyer's eye. 

Remember prim, proper, and polite Sawyer from The Vincent Boys, with all his polite and chaste kisses for Ash?  Well after Ashton breaks up with him to be with Beau, Sawyer goes through a bit of a change.  When Sawyer catches sight of Lana, he's beside himself.  Was Lana always this sexy and tempting?   And why should he resist now that Ash has broken up and moved on?  A new plan of distraction and fun forms in Sawyer's head, and if Ash is jealous, well that's just a fringe benefit.  (jerk!)   Lana brings out in Sawyer what Ash never did.  She stirs up overpowering feelings and desires he never knew he had.  Here's a sample of what Lana does to Sawyer:

Sawyer:"You think I'm a better choice than Beau? He's the bad one, you know.  The dangerous one.  Girls like bad boys."-----I shivered as he took another step closer, his eyes never leaving their study of my lips……Forcing myself to remain calm, I responded, "Not all girls." "Hmmm…"  He raised his hand and gently ran the pad of his thumb over my bottom lip. I mentally imagined biting his thumb and pulling it into my mouth to suck but I didn't.  Instead, I just stopped breathing.  "They are as soft as they look….maybe softer," he whispered, then he lowered his head and before I could take a calming breath his mouth was on mine.


What starts out as no more than a distraction in Sawyer's mind, quickly turns into something else, something more. Oh my!!  Sawyer is far from perfect in this story and he screws up a number of times.  I wanted to smack some sense into that boy, but turns out I didn't have to.  With every stupid action he makes, he counters it with a heart-stopping, sweet and loving one.  Sawyer notices that Lana is closed off and doesn't easily confide in people, and he wants to be the one she confides in, the one who comforts and protects her.  So much for just a summer distraction!

Even though I couldn't help but fall for Sawyer, Lana is the one that steals my heart in this story.  She is so sweet, understanding, and innocent.  Never bitter, even though in my opinion, she has reason to be.   Lana having to hear and deal with her parent's messy divorce, broke my heart.  They cared more about themselves than her well being.  No child should be put in the middle of bickering parents.  Don't even get me started on the Dad!  He failed Lana miserably!  Ugh!!  To me, she should've been angry with Ash a couple of times, but she never blamed her. 

I was a little afraid to read this because I loved The Vincent Boys so much, I didn't want anything to mess with Beau and Ash's story.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I loved this story as much, or maybe even a bit more than The Vincent Boys.  I didn't think I could love Sawyer as much as Beau, but I was wrong.   As an added bonus we get a perfect epilogue that make you sigh and go awww.    Abbi Glines also posted a bonus extra scene, you can find it on her blog here.  So if you haven't read The Vincent Boys or The Vincent Brothers, what are you waiting for?  Go, go, go!! 


  1. I've actually never read this series before, but I'm going to have to change that since everyone keeps praising it ! :D
    Sawyer seems like a jerk, but at the same time he seems sweet as well. :)
    Poor Lana. She has a lot going on with her.
    I'm glad you enjoyed this, Rachel.
    Great review ! :D

  2. Amazing review, Rachel! I loved Sawyer in the first book and I'm hoping that will stay true when I get round to this one. Plus I'm glad you mentioned that any stupid decisions he made were corrected so you can't really stay frustrated at him. Looking forward to reading this! :)

  3. Yay, I'm glad to hear this one turned out to be great! When I saw it was about Sawyer, I was like ''ehhh NO!'' but the reviews have been promising. I'll be reading this myself next week. :D

  4. Hehe when I saw the cover I was like O.O It's so pretty and eye-catching!! I love books about brothers, so I'm going to give this one a go. And I am all for the good guys! I mean, bad guys are cool and all, but I guess I just have a special place in my heart for nice guys. And, NICE GUYS DON'T FINISH LAST. Though Sawyer does seem oh so fine... Lana seems like such a great and sweet MC! I can already tell I will adore her. <3 Fabulous review, Rachel! I really, really want to read this series now!! :)

  5. You too, Rach? Now even I, the notorious vanilla avoider, must read these books. Everyone, EVERYONE likes them. But five stars from my favorite vanilla queen means I cannot miss this. I can tolerate stupid decisions made by a character if they're redeamable.
    Lovely review as always, Rachel!
    Btw, I ADORE the signature.

  6. I just recently finished my review on this one, Rachel! One of the things I so like about this book was that it never frustrated me or worried me as the same level I had with other Abbi Gline's books event though I enjoyed most of them. I love that Sawyer corrected his stupid actions and decisions right away and when he just did it was so easy to forgive him. Great review, Rachel. And I love that quote too. :))

  7. Amazing review Rachel! You definitely got me interested in getting to know Sawyer and Lana!

  8. I do like the name Sawyer. He sounds pretty swoon-worthy, and I'm glad he appears REAL. He makes mistakes, but makes up for them, instead of being "perfect all the time. nice review. Sounds like a great sequel.


  9. I'm so glad that you enjoyed this as much as the first book! I keep reading about Abbi's work, I really need to read her books because I know if you loved them, I will too!

  10. I adore adore ADORE your review, Rachel!! And I also really adore your new signature at the bottom, while we're at it :) I'm a sucker for romances with brothers in them, but I think I love it even more knowing that both of them get a HEA. Now I can read The Vincent Boys happily knowing that Sawyer will be okay, and then pick this one up right after! SO EXCITED <3

    Really amazing review, Rachel! I will be meeting these swoon-worthy boys/brothers/love-interests-extraordinaire soon! ;)

    1. Thank Mimi! We have the sweet and lovely Hilda to thank for our new signature on the bottom. I think it matches the blog perfectly! :)

  11. Absolutely beautiful and swoony review, Rachel! Hehe, if a review could ever be swoony, then it's yours! <3 I heard amazing things about The Vincent Boys, and I can't wait to meet Beau and Sawyer! With all the sparkling reviews about these guys, I know that I have to meet them soon! <3

    Lana sounds like a really nice person - I'm always in the hunt for lovable main characters hehe! ;) So glad that Sawyer finds the perfect girl for him finally! <3

  12. Is that Sawyer? Really? WOW! It's not all that unbelievable but it's still such a change from the Sawyer in The Vincent Boys! I think I'm swooning. I cannot wait to meet this Sawyer as well ;) and Lana sounds like an absolute sweetheart! AMAZING review, Rachel! I thought I could wait for a while till I met the Vincent brothers again but after your review, I cannot!! XD

  13. I just grabbed copies of both of these ebooks since they were so cheap. Wow sounds like Sawyer got to you, Rachel. i am hoping I love these books as much as you do.

  14. This series has been getting a lot of good reviews. Great job on persuading me!

  15. I was just so confused about this. I saw the cover and I was like, "Uh, I thought it looked a little different and was called The Vincent Boys." FAIL:) This sounds pretty hot--I'm not sure how I feel about dating a friend's ex (is Ash her friend?), but you definitely convinced me to go read the first one.

  16. I was so exited for this book!! And they when it camo out I was just like.. uh huh. I will read it someday. I quess I have the same feelings you had. But after reading this review you made me reconsider!! How stupid I was!! Of course I want to read this book!! :) It sounds as amazing as The Vincent Boys!! <3 <3 Great review! And the quote?! Freaking amazing ;) <3


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