Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Top Ten Tuesday #4

Is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where each week they post a new top ten list and ask fellow bloggers to share their lists on that topic.

Today's Top Ten Tuesday Topic is: Top Ten books on my Summer TBR list.
There are some seriously awesome books out this summer where do I even begin?

1. Unbreak My Heart Melissa Walker
2. In Honor Jessi Kirby
3. Adorkable Sarra Manning
4. Sloppy Firsts Megan McCafferty
5. Dairy Queen Catherine Gilbert Murdock

With gorgeous covers; Unbreak My Heart and In Honor and stories filled with heartbreak and road trips I just knew that these two books would be at the top of my summer pile. And to balance out the two achy reads, I’ve decided to add Adorkable, Sloppy Firsts and Dairy Queen. I’ve heard that these books are absolutely hilarious and hopefully if I end up loving Sloppy Firsts and Dairy Queen as I expect to then maybe I could read the rest of the series over the summer too!

6. My Life Next Door Huntley Fitzpatrick
7. Something Like Normal Trish Doller
8. Such a Rush Jennifer Echols

Even before any of these books were released, there have been some seriously fantastic reviews trickling in already. Again with the rocking covers and tempting synopsis I can just picture myself lounging in the sun with these pretty reads.

9. If I Lie Corrine Jackson
10. Losing Lila Sarah Alderson

I’ve actually already pre-ordered both of these books already. If I lie again comes across as an achy read, but I have a feeling I will love this one. The only word necessary to mention when referring to Losing Lila which will have all girls around the world sighing is Alex! I can’t wait to get more of him as soon as possible. My friend Donna from Book Passion for Life finished this book in one sitting and said it was unputdownable!

There are truly some fantastic reads which will keep me highly entertained over the summer. I would love to know which books would make it to your summer tbr!


  1. :) All these books looks so fun and exciting! I haven't had a chance to read Hunting Lila yet, but I really want to sometime because of all its great reviews! also, I love that Alex is the name of one of the main characters/love interest! Fantastic list!

    1. Rachel get onto Hunting Lila asap girl! then you can fan-girl with the rest of us over Alex! Losing Lila isn't out until August, so you've got plenty of time to read it! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, Jasprit! So many amazing books on your list! <3 I can't wait to read your review of Sloppy First! It's a lovely and funny read, yet still manage to be realistic. Hehe, love the cover of Dairy Queen! It's rare to find a cow on the cover of YA book, right? ;) My Life Next Door sounds really cute too - it receives so many amazing reviews so I'm curious to hear what you think of it! :)

    Happy Summer reading, Jasprit! x)

  3. Those are some excellent choices, Jasprit.
    I myself am looking forward to reading Unbreak My Heart and Such A Rush.
    I've already read My Life Next Door and it's absolutely amazing ! I loved it. It's a perfect summer read. :)
    Happy reading, Jasprit ! :)

  4. Jesus Jasprit!!! LOL TOO MANY AWESOME TITLES you nearly gave me a heart attack! I'm so with you on most of these, I really want to read them. I can't wait to see your thoughts on Losing Lila...It's AMAZING!!!! =) Donna xoxo

  5. I recently read Sloppy Firsts, and although I didn't really find it as funny as everyone claims I did really love it!
    Some of these other books look lovely too, I'll have to look into them.

  6. Oooo you've got some great ones on that list Jasprit! I can't wait for Something Like Normal, If I Lie, and Rush, I'm on a bit of a contemporary kick lately and those top my "must have" list. I adored My Life Next Door, I can't wait to see what you think of it:)

  7. ALEX! Oh my gosh, Donna is so lucky she got to read a copy of Losing Lila already but I guess I should just be happy that it's amazing! Not that I had any doubts before ;) I actually just got Unbreak My Heart from the library and should be reading it soon. And My Life Next Door! Such a Rush! Something Like Normal! I've read recent five star reviews for all of them too, and boy am I excited! :)

    I love how you always group together your top tens like you do, J -- it's kinda dangerous in a way because if I want to read one and you compare it the another, that second one is added to my TBR pile too! ;) <3

    1. Hhah sorry Mimi! your tbr pile is probably more out control now! But If I lie sounds fantastic right?

  8. Great list, Jaspirit. I have several of those titles in my pile as well...Dairy Queen, My Life Next Door, and Losing Lila as well as Hunting Lila. I have heard of Adorkable but now nothing about it... will go look it up and Jennifer Echols book sounds great. Thanks for sharing your picks. Happy Reading!

  9. What a great list you compiled, Jasprit! Sloppy Firsts has been on my TBR list FOREVER (I've heard the author is hilarious!) and Something Like Normal, If I Lie, Such a Rush, and Losing Lila all look really good too. :) Thanks for sharing and happy reading!

  10. I soo can't wait for Losing Lila! Let's hope we can both agree with Donna! Such a Rush and Adorkable are two books I really want to read too after all the great things I've heard. Great lis, Jasprit! :)

  11. I am SOOOO excited for Losing Lila!! And I've been meaning to order In Honor after all the fabulous reviews I'm so curious! Such a Rush sounds great, too!

  12. What a great list Jasprit! I have The Dairy Queen series on my kindle waiting to be read. I also have Sloppy Firsts I want to get to. My Life Next Door sounds like a vanilla-queens dream. Losing Lila, well I don't think I even need to say anymore than: ALEX!!! :)

  13. I am pumped for your summer reading list. Even though I've yet to read In Honor and Adorkable, the YAA ladies and Jo have me over the moon excited to read those two. Plus you're reading Dairy Queen and Sloppy Firsts which are definitely two of my favorites. I haven't heard of the Melissa Walker and Corinne Jackson books so perhaps I should do some investigating. I hope you finish them all:)

  14. This is the best list I've seen! Sloppy Firsts is such a great book (and the rest of the series is pretty good, too!) and I cannot wait to read Adorkable!

    I was about to go through and say the rest but I'd seriously be saying "I want to read this too" for every book apart from Such A Rush and In Honor, both of which I've read!


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