Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Releases: August

I can't believe it's August already. I probably say this every month, but I'm sure it was only the other day that I was getting the post for July releases ready. So without further ado here are the releases for August that me and Rachel are most excited about. If you thought July was an awesome month, wait until you see some of the lovelies August has in store for us. 

Throne of Glass Sarah J. Maas - 2nd August
Losing Lila Sarah Alderson - 2nd August
While it Lasts Abbi Glines - 7th August
Onyx Jennifer L. Armentrout - 14th August

The Raft S. A Bodeen - 21st August
Over You Emma Mclaughlin & Nicola Kraus - 21st August
Smashed Lisa Luedeke - 21st August

If I Lie Corrine Jackson - 28th August
Defiance C. J. Redwine - 28th August
Speechless Hannah Harrington - 28th August
Enshadowed Kelly Creagh - 28th August
Spark Brigid Kemmerer - 28th August
Every Day David Levithan - 28th August

Some awesome releases this month right? Which books are you most excited about?

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  1. I really want to read If I Lie - love the cover and it sounds fantastic.

    Also, I can't believe it's already August - this year is slipping by so fast!

  2. Wow, I want all the books releasing on the 28th! I can't wait for Enshadowed and Spark, I've heard such amazing things about Defiance and Speechless, and Every Day and If I Lie looks so good! Plus, I wouldn't mind checking out the hype about Throne of Glass and reading Losing Lila too! ;)

    I really can't believe it's August already! I mean, I've nearly been blogging for three months now - that's so hard to believe! It feels like just yesterday it was June and I started. Gosh, summer slips away so fast! :/ Still, some great releases ahead - wonderful post Jasprit! :)

    Ivy Book Bindings

  3. There are some really interesting books coming out this month! I'm mostly excited for Throne of Glass, Spark, Smashed, Defiance and of course Speechless! Those books sound really good and I'm definitely getting copies of them!

  4. They all look like amazing books, I want all of them!! But I want Speechless the most, after loving Saving June. Defiance will also be going on my Wishlist.

    And I can't believe it's August either - this year is just slipping away so fast!

    Anyway, brilliant post, Jasprit! :)


    Smashed and Speechless also look amazing.<3

    I know right, August already?! Great post, Jasprit.(:

  6. The raft & defiance :D I have Throne of Glass via Netgalley and I can't wait to read it ^^

  7. Haha, August already, eh? I can't believe how fast time has gone! All those new releases look fantastic, Jasprit! Speechess in particular. :) Thank you for sharing. :)

  8. There are some good ones, aren't there. I have Defiance so must get to that soon, and I have Storm and Spark so also have to try to get to them, Smashed sounds really good too, so I think I'll have to get that. So much to get through lol :)

  9. I think I'm most excited for Enshadowed. I loved Nevermore and can't wait to find out what happens next! I finished Defiance last night and enjoyed it quite a bit. I will definitely have to get myself a finished copy of that. :) I can't believe it's August already! The year is passing so quickly. :)

  10. Eep such an epic month! I can't wait to read Losing Lila!! Onyx too should be pretty sexy! :D

  11. SO MANY GOOD BOOK!!! I absolutely adored Defiance and Spark, and I really can't wait for Enshadowed. I feel like I'm going to need to read Nevermore again though, a lot of time has passed since I read it and I know I've forgotten a lot of what happened. Oh, and can't forget Onyx! Really excited for that one too:)

  12. Wow, I can't type today. That should be "books" in the first line, not "book". Win.

  13. Wow! Some dazzling titles this month! I want Throne of Glass, Spark, Losing Lila and Onyx! I know I don't want summer to be over :(

  14. So many good books coming out this month. Can't wait for Spark, especially. Thanks for spotlighting these. Awesome post :)

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads

  15. I think I'm excited about all of these! I preordered Loling Lila and Every Day, and I'll even read Onyx just because! Armentrout's other series got better with time so perhaps this one will too. Anyway, I want to read Spark very badly as well.
    This is going to be an amazing month. Gorl of NIghtmares is also coming out. I preordered that one too.

  16. OMG! So many awesome books this month! I'm so excited for Losing Lila and Onyx! Aahh! The long wait is about to end at last! I'll start When It Last tonight and I hope it would be really great. Lovely post, Jasprit! :)


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